Christmas makeup

Christmas makeup

Christmas makeup has to be super glam! Brightness, mouth, outlined … Do you think it is too much for one look? Look at this make:

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The kitten outline is impeccable – just train, people! Forget about that rule of eye all, mouth nothing and vice versa; anything goes at Christmas! Plus, the lipstick won’t even last all night, thanks to that delicious supper. The wine lipstick is more elegant and sophisticated for a party like this and it goes well with any skin tone.
The skin has to be well hydrated and to give a more glamorous touch, bet on a blush with shine, but nothing too carnival. If you want to make the look even more amazing, use a power illuminator (I already talked about them here).
I separated 5 great products to assist you in this make up!

  1. The Colossal Volum ‘Express Lash Mask | R $ 29.00
  2. MAC Diva lipstick at Sephora | R $ 69.00
  3. MAC Mahogany Lip Brush | R $ 66.00
  4. Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner at Sephora | R $ 219.00
  5. Blushing Deep Throat by Nars | R $ 162.00

How about testing the look this Christmas?

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