Christmas: Male gift tips

Christmas: Male gift tips

I already talked here on the blog about Christmas gifts for various styles of women. Now it’s time to talk about men! Who is a woman will understand my suffering well. I almost always get confused and don’t know what to buy!
I decided to make everyone’s life easier and give 15 options for you to be inspired when buying gifts for parents, boyfriends, uncles, cousins, friends…
Want to see?


If you don’t have much intimacy with that older uncle or don’t know what to give your grandfather, the best thing is to go to the classics. Neutral shirts, classic shoes, blazers … They are timeless pieces and they are sure to wear them! If you have more intimacy, how about a shoe that you know he loves?

  1. John John metallic watch at Farfetch | R $ 538.00
  2. Uatt’s Automatic Corkscrew? | R $ 149.90
  3. Polo Shoes HPC at Dafiti | R $ 169.90
  4. Cavalera shirt at Farfetch | R $ 199.00
  5. Luigi Bertolli Jacket at Dafiti | R $ 154.99


A younger guy or a family member with a more personalized style will love winning a beautiful jacket or that patterned sneaker. A good tip is to take a look at the photos of the recipient and see what he usually uses. Those who are more cool may love a well-printed T-shirt, but if you are in doubt, better choose a shirt with a more striking print!

  1. Reserve printed sneakers | R $ 209.00
  2. Yachtsman plaid shirt at Farfetch | R $ 159.00
  3. Nautica Sweater at Dafiti | R $ 309.00
  4. Cavalera jacket at Dafiti | R $ 354.90
  5. Imaginarium amplifier | R $ 159.90


Is your youngest brother quite loose? Does your boyfriend live in a T-shirt? Then run for comfortable and useful parts now! T-shirts, jackets, backpacks and sneakers are certainly infallible!
If the recipient loves sports and practices some in particular, a good tip is to buy a watch with cardiac monitoring and several other functions. If you know more, you can even take a chance on a boot and, of course, the team shirt he supports is also a classic!

  1. New Balance 343 Retro Sneakers | R $ 279.90
  2. Oregon Sscientific Smart Dynamo Smart Bracelet at Netshoes | R $ 349.90
  3. Imaginarium Bicolor Laptop Backpack | R $ 219.90
  4. Reserve Barcelona shirt | R $ 89.00
  5. Striped jacket at Hering | R $ 69.98

On second thought, it’s not that difficult to choose gifts, right?

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