Christmas market trend This is how you can easily imitate unicorn mulled wine at home
Christmas market trend this is how you can easily imitate

Christmas market trend This is how you can easily imitate unicorn mulled wine at home

Nothing is more associated with Christmas markets than delicious smelling mulled wine. It is now available in all possible variations. This year, however, the trend mulled wine is being sold at the Christmas markets – pink unicorn mulled wine. We’ll show you what exactly the new It drink can do and how you can easily cook it at home.

Every year, just in time for the opening of the first Christmas market, the new trend drinks for mulled wine and the like come onto the market. Last year it was hot Hugo, apple strudel and mulled spritz. This year is the new and absolute trend drink Unicorn mulled wine. All unicorn lovers and those with a sweet tooth who still can’t get enough of the mythical creature are happy. Unicorn products are now available in all possible designs. In the form of delicious mulled wine, however, it is an absolute novelty.

What is this glittering and fabulous unicorn mulled wine made of?

Watch out: If you are on a diet, you shouldn’t read any further now, because it really has it all! For the base of the mulled wine is usually Rose wine used. In addition to this, there is also in the pink hot beverage Raspberry-vanilla syrup, cinnamon, cream and a lot of colorful ornament.

The delicious unicorn mulled wine was bought by a booth owner on the Herford Christmas market created and sold. It is now available in several cities, such as on the Hamburg Christmas market Santa Pauli.

However, if you don’t feel like big crowds and icy temperatures, you can easily imitate the trend drink yourself and enjoy it comfortably on the sofa.

What you need for the pink drink:

Here you can of course let your creativity run free if you want to create your very own unicorn mulled wine. You can, for example, decorate it with gummy bears or other goodies. For the little ones, the rosé wine is very easy Fruit juices, such as grape juice or apple juice and fruit tea replaced.

For all lazy unicorns, the trend drink can also be bought here. (Display)

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