Christmas recipes

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Another Christmas is there to fill our hearts with love and gratitude (sorry, guys, I know this is cliché but for me it’s the purest hihih truth)!
As this time of year is full of celebrations – and since all of this is represented by dinners and lunches around hearty dishes – we made a playlist with more than 40 Christmas recipes for you to have fun and transform every detail into sweetness. It has french toast, cheesecake, gingerbread, naked cake, fruit tart and more.
You can even get together with the family and watch the beautiful ICKFD videos, how about that?
[youtube]w2O748An-18? list = PL7biWkm0dNqZSgeZSsYYAPVQwSGrSmmYJ[/youtube]double cheesecake 2French toastickfd gingerbread cookie 1christmas brownie qickfd coconut custard 1cointreau chocolate moussecake-mousse-chocolate-ickfd
A very sweet kiss and a bright end of the year for you.
* cover photo: Cathy Dudzinski

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