Chronic coconut water

It was spring, colorful and flowery. It was a hotter day than usual, the temperature was atypical, the weather painfully drier and the sea breeze was hot and made sweat, in contact with sea salt, stick to the body more uncomfortably than than any other year. Summer wanted to appear earlier, hiding the freshness and scents of spring flowers.

Bianca, with golden hair and pale skin, ran on the sand as if there was no heat, as if the sand did not stick to her body and as if the sun did not burn on her skin. She was thin, very thin, with flat chests and protruding ribs. She was sweating, the water of her body came out of her already dilated pores running down her neck, they were salty drops like the sea, which showed its immensity to Bianca’s right. The redness of his face accused, at this point, a human being within this abnormal disposition of the girl.
After a long time he stopped, he ran his wrist horizontally across his forehead, wiping the excess sweat off his face. He released the ponytail, which, by the way, was already loose. With a charm that consumed my attention, he ran towards the sea, as I run towards the stall of fried portions on the edge of the sand. He dived and took pleasure in the water temperature. After cooling himself off as if the salt water was sweet, he went out, straightening up.
She jumped on one foot and took the warm, salty water out of her ear. She sat in one of the chairs with so many other friends. Happy, he looked at the soggy portion of breaded shrimp and ate as if all that hot oil was cold coconut water. I, sitting, could not understand much. Already in doubt about me, I looked down and noticed some folds in the belly, I found it more flabby than yesterday. I belched with heartburn the first bites of the pastry that had started. I went to drink coconut water with a straw so that, at least, I could exercise my cheeks.
chronicle-of-coconut-water-jessica-giovanini-ickfdphoto: She Knows

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