Church or Wedding Cake? | St. Petersburg

Church or Wedding Cake?  |  St. Petersburg

Our second day in Saint Petersburg and first of tours it yielded so much that you couldn’t even put everything on a vlog! The second part of that intense day and many discoveries can be summarized in delicious meals, of course, and a amazing architecture. And whoever wants to check out the other part of this vlog just click here ?
For a start, why not visit a traditional market? You should already know that entering a market says a lot about the culture and habits of the region, right? That is why Paulo and I did not give up knowing at least one in each new place! In St. Petersburg the chosen one was the Kuznechny Market which is in the region of Vladimirskaya. Despite the cold and low production of vegetables, fruits and vegetables in much of the country, Russia imports many of these foods from warmer neighboring countries and the offer you find there is quite good – it goes far beyond cabbage, ok?
One thing we didn’t expect to find was the amount of cheese, especially cottage. They have options for all tastes: creamy, dense, with little or a lot of fat… And one of the most typical combinations there and the mix with sour cream!

Church or Wedding Cake? | St. Petersburg

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And after seeing so much food, we decided to walk on one of the most famous streets in the city: the Architect Rossi Street, also known as “the perfect street” which is 220 meters long, 22m wide and 22m high. The humble name was given by the Italian architect who designed the street, Carlo Rossi. Russia is full of these streets that give a feeling of total balance and you cannot deny that it is an unusual tourist spot, right?
And speaking of a different architecture, nearby it is also worth walking through the region known as New Russia. The location is very close to the Alexandrinsky Theater and it’s a crazy mix of art nouveau, neoclassicism, classical Russian architecture, Asian elements… The pink building, Basin House (1879), is a great example in the area and it is certainly worth taking a break to observe the different buildings in this corner of Peter.

Church or Wedding Cake? | St. Petersburg

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Didn’t I say that the day could be summed up in food and architecture? Well, after beautiful buildings we decided to go to a historic place with a lot of good food: the Emporium Eliseyev. The place is really a landmark of the city, after all, the construction is from 1902/1903 and until today the place continues to function.
In the past, Eliseyev was a common market, but after so many years and undergoing many renovations, it became a super-charming and complete Emporium. There you will find vodkas excellent quality (like Beluga), as well as marzipans of all shapes and sizes, chocolates, teas, breads… It is best to notice the packaging with the faces of important figures and / or politicians from the USSR and Russia. It is a mandatory stop for all those who enjoy architecture and, of course, delicious foods!

Church or Wedding Cake? | St. Petersburg

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And despite so many stops at markets, we hadn’t stopped for lunch yet, believe me? The chosen restaurant was the Pelmenya which has 5 units in the city. The focus there is stuffed pasta of all kinds.
I ordered one of the most traditional dishes: one Vareniki of mushroom with potato that is served with cream – a type of cream delicious that has already become one of my favorite twins in life! Paulo was also in a classic Pelmeni chicken with a more spicy Armenian sauce. We both really liked the place; is that affective food without much error ?
Well, you can already see that this is a very different trip from the ones we usually take, right? And since it is supposed to be surprising we decided to find Brazilians living in the destination to understand a little more about Russian culture and, of course, find out what they are doing there. Our first meeting was with the Marcus Mesquita who is a photojournalist and documentary photographer. He lives in the city with his Russian girlfriend, Yulia Dotsenko, and amaze: she is a confectioner !!
We met him first in the most incredible Church I have ever seen, the Chesme Church. I swear it’s no joke, this is a church inspired by an ultra-decorated wedding cake. There was no way this meeting could be better, right? From there, we went to their house and Yulia’s reception with a thousand leaves pressed with white chocolate ganache and berries couldn’t be better!

Church or Wedding Cake? | St. Petersburg

And like every good day, the ending didn’t disappoint. We left their house with a full belly and still passed one of the deepest subway stations in the world, the Admiralteyskaya which is 86 meters underground. Are you curious and want to see more details of our experience in the city? Just watch the 3rd vlog of the trip down here ?

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