Classic Blue: The Pantone Color of 2020!

Classic Blue: The Pantone Color of 2020!

2020 promises to be a transition of great changes and it was based on that that Pantone chose Classic Blue as the color of next year. Annually, around this time, the Pantone brand selects a promising color, which promises to be a trend in the next 12 months in terms of fashion, beauty and decoration.
Classic Blue was chosen as a representation of tranquility, calm and confidence, inspired by the color of the night sky and its infinite size. The main objective of color is to show the challenge of looking beyond the obvious and expanding our perspectives and thoughts. A great goal for a year of renewal, isn’t it?

Pantone 2020

Photo: Pantone

Pantone chose the word “resilience” as a synonym for this striking blue and this is really proof that 2020 can be a good time to overcome obstacles and learn to deal with problems. According to them, this shade of blue is identified by our psyche as a serene color that transmits peace, offering a sense of protection to the human spirit.
With this climate of renewal and stability, Classic Blue is versatile and allows it to be worked with different textures and finishes. And above all, it is a very easy color to find and combine with other pieces.


Unlike the color of 2019, Living Coral, the blue of this year is nothing made for summer, mainly because it is a cold and closed color. For the brand, Classic Blue refers to occasions of celebration and encourages human connections, valuing transparent communication and unity between people.
Therefore, it is very common to use dark blue in looks and makeup for celebrations and parties. However, it can appear in jeans and sweatshirts with a more informal vibe. You can explore this shade a lot at different times of the year.


This shade of dark blue is widely used in clothes and makeup more focused on the night environment, especially in more sophisticated situations. While it reminds us of casual moments, dark blue can represent modernity and give a stripped look to the look. As, for example, in the case of hair with blue highlights and allowing games with colored eyeliner. Who there is already looking forward to playing blue makeup in 2020?


Pantone 2020

Photos: Domino and Haymes Paint

For decorative items, dark blue also brings a serious tone to the room. In addition, elements in this color can compose different home environments, especially if combined with golden or metallic elements. A great option for those looking for a more sophisticated result for interior decoration.
Comment here if you liked the choice of Pantone and how you intend to incorporate Classic Blue in your 2020.

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