Classic or modern kitten?

Classic or modern kitten?

The most democratic makeup of all is certainly the kitten eye. It suits everyone and there are dozens of variations for you to use both on a daily basis and for a wedding.

Photo 1 – 7 Beauty Tips / Photo 2 – Betty’s / Photo 3 – Capricho

The outline can be perfect or smudged. Colors can also vary according to the occasions. Brown is ideal for day-to-day smudging, black is more striking and perfect for parties. Want to impact? You can invest in eggplants, blues and roses for a fun look!
Another important thing is the product you choose. There are several types of eyeliner. liquid, creamy, pens with different tips … You can also use a good pencil for a more natural effect. Pencils, by the way, are great for those who don’t have much practice – just smudge that the little mistake disappears!
Now it is wrong to think that there is only one way to make the “kitten”.



Photo 1 – Anne Makeup / Photo 2 – Vogue / Photo 3 – Who to wear

Anyone who has a more romantic and feminine style knows very well that this makeup is perfect. Those who love a thrift store and mix the retro with the current can also do a more classic make. The old kitten outline can be very thick and / or long, what really matters is the accuracy of the stroke.
For a vintage look it is important to use eyeliner, not pencils. This way the line is more marked and precise. You can test it and if it gets really thick when you get it done, how about a very retro look?



Photo 1 – Csmetics ready for camera / Photo 2 -Dior Cruise 2015 (Getty Images) / Photo 3 – Glam Radar

The modern looks also have a time! Look at these different ways of using make. Thinner and geometric strokes are perfect for a more contemporary and urban look. I’m already dying to test the second one at the next party!
But which product to use? I selected some here!

  1. MAC Fluidline Eyeliner at Sephora | R $ 69.00
  2. Marc’obs Precision Pen by Marc Jacobs at Sephora | R $ 159.00
  3. Mary Kay Black Eyeliner Gel | R $ 59.00
  4. Make B. Black Liquid Eyeliner 5 ml at O ​​Boticário | R $ 38.69
  5. Colossal Eye Pencil Kajal Maybelline at Sephora | R $ 24.00

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