Claudius Restaurant

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Claudius is a family restaurant specializing in fish that this year celebrates two decades. He was already elected by Veja São Paulo Magazine as one of the 100 best in the city. The couple Claudio and Marisa, owners of the establishment, are from Santos and descendants of Portuguese, hence the interest in fish is explained. The atmosphere is very familiar, of Lusitanian tradition and located in Perdizes.
We started with a hot sardine, which was an amazing experience right away. It came whole and very rustic. When I asked the owner what the seasoning was, he, proud to say, pointed out that it had nothing but salt. I was delighted with the simplicity and authenticity of that sardine. I tried the Norwegian cod dumpling which is very well seasoned, crispy and with generous chips. Alheira is also very special, as it is fried by immersion. The result is a crunchy cone and an alheira full of flavor and softness inside.
For the main course we ordered a sea golden accompanied by rice with pupunha. The fish was tall, smooth and very delicately seasoned, with few and simple spices. The rice came with pupunha cubes, had a buttery flavor that spoke very well with the fish. I found it admirable how they know how to value the flavors of fish and preserve (both in seasoning and cooking) the characteristics of each one.
At this point we were already satisfied, but we could not fail to try the desserts, made by pastry chef Caio Corrêa (son of the couple), which were so beautiful in the window. Caio has a degree in Gastronomy from FMU and a postgraduate degree from Ealing Hammersmith and West London College, in London. I found the relationship between these two generations curious (it reminded me of the story of Rodrigo Oliveira and his father, from Esquina Mocotó). Father Claudio, values ​​family tradition, his Portuguese roots and the simplicity of the ingredients. The son, in turn, brings a new look to the enterprise, with more contemporary and refined characteristics of the technique.
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The pastries are impeccable in every way. I tried some of them and the Petal stood out for its smoothness. It is made with a base of macaron, rose cream, lychee in syrup, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries under a thin layer of white chocolate. I still tasted the Le Carré, which are several layers with different chocolate textures and the Panna Cotta of coffee with caramel and cocoa flour. Anyone interested in fish, and good and simple Portuguese cuisine, should put Claudius on the list of restaurants to visit in São Paulo.
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