Clean-Eating It is better to eat consciously than diet

Clean-Eating It is better to eat consciously than diet

7 steps to becoming a nutrition professional. Clean eating is not about dieting or doing without, but about eating more consciously. Your body gets what it needs and at the same time you protect the environment.

A brief explanation of clean eating

The big nutritional trend naturally spilled over to us from the USA, but actually we have known this form of nutrition for a long time, only under the name, namely: Whole food nutrition. The trend was particularly popular thanks to the American nutrition expert and New York Times bestselling author Tosca Reno. With her “The Eat-Clean Diet” series, she sparked an incredible trend towards a clean diet. Clean-eating stands for a healthy and balanced diet that is good for you, but also for the planet. The diet could also be described as “losing weight through knowledge”.

Clean eating – good for you and the planet

Regardless of which diet you choose, two problems always remain unsolved: On the one hand, every diet means you have to do without – either because you are no longer allowed to eat as much as you want and can no longer eat when you are hungry or because you get certain things off the menu. On the other hand, low-carb diets mean a higher consumption of meat and are therefore not optimal for the climate balance of your diet.

Clean Eating addresses both of these problems. The goal is for you to study your diet and learn what is good for you and good for the planet.

Clean eating in seven steps

The rules of clean eating

1. Buy sustainably and avoid plastic waste

2. Avoid saturated and hydrogenated fats

3. Don’t use artificial sweeteners

4. Make time to eat, especially in the morning

5. Drink lots of water but little alcohol

6. Buy seasonal and regional ingredients and cook yourself

7. Use sugar and salt sparingly

1. Sustainability and naturalness

A very important point in clean eating is the deliberate omission of packaging. With Clean Eaters, anything shrink-wrapped in plastic does not go into the bag (the cloth bag, of course). Ready-made products are also taboo. You should avoid everything artificial as much as possible and use natural products instead.

2. Avoid saturated fats

Whoever “clean who want to feed should make sure to consume more healthy fats in the future. Unsaturated fatty acids are found, for example, in peanut, rapeseed and safflower oil, in nuts, avocados and oily fish. You should avoid saturated fatty acids as much as possible, which are found in various types of sausage, butter, mayonnaise and cheese. Trans fats are particularly unhealthy. These bad fats can be found in various types of pastries, margarine, instant soups and even in granola bars and breakfast cereals.

Clean Fru with vegetables

Live healthier
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3. No artificial sweeteners

In clean eating, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are completely omitted. No wonder if you take a closer look at the side effects of this sweetener. This can trigger breathing problems, headaches or chronic fatigue and in the worst case even damage brain cells. Simply do without this unhealthy substance in the future and you will come a decisive step closer to a conscious diet.

4. Breakfast is a must

Many of us do that without breakfast out of the house. This will no longer be the case in the future with clean eating. Because according to this method, it is absolutely important to replenish your energy reserves after sleeping. After all, the brain is supposed to get going and food cravings are eliminated by a nutritious breakfast.

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5. Drink a lot, little alcohol

Drinking is part of the “clean dietthe be-all and end-all. 2 to 3 liters of water a day are allowed. In the best case, the water should be still and room temperature, so it is most compatible. Alcohol is generally to be avoided.

6. Balanced and seasonal products

A balanced diet is not difficult, you just have to combine the right foods. It’s best to mix proteins found in meat or fish with good carbohydrates found in whole grain products such as pasta, bread or brown rice. Of course, fruit and vegetables should not be missing. Help yourself to fresh seasonal products here.


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7. Less sugar, less salt

Most of us ingest more salt than we should. Hidden salts in chips, flips, and treated nuts are often overlooked. Salt can also be found in many other products such as cheese, sausage, bread and rolls. It is best to use natural sea salt as often as possible.

Just like with hidden salts, it is also with hidden sugar. Because this is also found in many foods. Sugar makes us sick and fat, we know that. Even so, we eat a lot of it every day. Just try to use stevia more often.

Conclusion on the clean eating diet

Especially in times of drastic climate change, we should be aware of how each individual can influence the environment in small parts. Not only can clean eating help you lose weight in a healthy and long-lasting way, it also improves your energy balance. No unnecessary plastic packaging, animal products are filtered according to origin and husbandry and seasonal fruit and vegetables come from the immediate vicinity, so they do not have immensely high CO2 values. So clean food has many positive aspects that could convince you to choose this form of nutrition.

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