Clem’s Breakfast Riddle

coquetier soucoupe ronde verre table petit déjeuner frais estival

A little riddle (inspired by Einstein’s riddle) to start the week off right. Once is not customary I wanted to make us think our neurons not in search of the perfect interior decoration but rather a little brain investigation awaits you!

The clues to solve the riddle

Along a street there are five houses of five different colors. In each of these houses, lives a person who is having breakfast. Each of these people drinks their coffee made from a machine different, in a mug different. Everyone reads a magazine different, sitting on a chair different.

  • In the yellow house, we read IDEAT.
  • The MILK reader drinks his coffee from a Guy Degrenne mug.
  • Anyone who made their coffee with a KitchenAid machine reads Elle Decoration.
  • The blue house is to the left of the pink house.
  • The owner of the blue house has an Illy coffee maker.
  • The person in a Bold chair drinks their coffee from a Revol mug.
  • In the green house, there is a Luxembourg chair.
  • The Nespresso coffee machine equips the house with the center.
  • The reader of AD magazine is in the first house.
  • The Tolix chair is in the house next to the one where there is the Habitat mug.
  • The man who has a Pantone mug is the neighbor of the one who has a Luxembourg chair.
  • The owner of the Victoria Ghost chair also has a Tassimo coffee maker.
  • The latest Marie Claire Maison is laminated on an About a chair chair.
  • The AD reader is next to the red house.
  • The person who has a Tolix chair is next to the person who has a Bodum machine.

Question: Who has an iittala mug?

Only 2% of the population would be able to solve the riddle!

(For the solution, search again! Then go down a bit.)

Solution of the riddle

Einstein ClemAroundTheCorner Breakfast Riddle
Enigme einstein by Clem Around The Corner.  Green luxembourg bodum habitat.

In the green house there is the AD magazine, the Bodum coffee maker (Amazon), the Luxembourg chair and the Habitat mug.

Enigme einstein by Clem Around The Corner.  Pantone red w2 tolix kitchenaid.

In the red house there is ELLE magazine, the KitchenAid coffee maker, the Tolix chair and the Pantone mug.

Enigme einstein by Clem Around The Corner.  Yellow bold nespresso revol.

In the yellow house there is the IDEAT magazine, the Nespresso coffee machine, the Bold chair and the Revol mug.

Enigme einstein by Clem Around The Corner.  Blue about a chair iittala illy.

In the blue house there is the Marie-Claire magazine, the Illy coffee maker (Amazon), the About a chair chair and the Iittala mug.

enigma einstein by Clem Around The Corner.

In the pink house there is the Milk magazine, the Tassimo coffee maker (Amazon), the Victoria Ghost chair and the Guy Degrenne mug (Amazon) (which changes color with the heat).

The iittala mug is therefore in the blue house.

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