Clipboard craze

Clipboard craze

Clipboards are inexpensive pieces that can turn into beautiful decorative items in your home, you know? Besides you can customize it in different ways, transforming it into frames for pictures and photos or even a bijoux holder.



Photo 1 – Ricota não Melt / Photo 2 – Diário da Aninha Carvalho / Photo 3 – Craft-o-Maniac

The clipboards hanging on the wall make the role of a beautiful picture. They are much cheaper and bring a special charm to the environment. The best thing is to customize the piece, making it more eye-catching, and use more neutral paper and photos to complement the decor – if everything is very colorful, it loses its grace!



Photo 1 – Elian Blog / Photo 2 – Casa e Jardim Magazine / Photo 3 – My Fabuless Life Blog

Clipboards can also serve as support for your jewelry, especially necklaces! Place small squares of fabric so you don’t scratch the piece and that’s it! In addition, you can use them as a support to put the menu of the day at a celebration – it is chic, cheap and very charming.
Anyone who wants to can also use the object to place weekly planners or calendars. This way the visualization is much simpler and it is easy to write and modify the plans.

How to customize?


Picture – Antix

I loved that idea! You can use adhesive tapes with different prints and sizes to compose a super modern clipboard. Choose a softer color palette, different patterns and use all your creativity!

Picture – Design Sponge

You can give a much more fashion and impactful face to that dull wooden drawing board. Buy spray paints to paint them (metallic ones are amazing). You can also customize only the fasteners and use a transparent acrylic base, it looks very modern!
Fabric or Paper Contact

Photo – Gaveta Mix

Who has more skill or has that piece of fabric left at home, can use and abuse them! The cool thing is to have several different and very colorful clipboards. The office is much more beautiful and full of personality

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