Close to France: Café Babette

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France’s coffees have something of a mystic. For those who have never been there, the photos available on the internet fulfill their role: leaving us with a great desire to sit at the outdoor tables, feeling the Parisian atmosphere dancing in the streets. However, there is no way to stop complimenting the cafes here in Curitiba. There is one more beautiful and cozy than the other and, therefore, I will start tracing my experiences in places that deserve to be visited and told to you.
The Gastronomic Routes in the capital of Paraná start with Café Babette, a cultural space and “close” to France. It is next to the traditional French Alliance and, therefore, many of the customers are students of the school. All tables are covered with wine-colored towels and you want to stay there talking for hours… Which happens a lot. Once every fortnight, Babette is a space for cultural lectures on philosophy, cinema and France, of course. Everything washed down with lots of wine and, in the cold, soups and quiches. Ah, the menu is very varied: it has sandwiches, salads, snacks and delicious desserts. So let’s get down to business!
I tried the Linzer de Damasco, a tart made with almond and chestnut flour, filled with a perfect jam. It is a good choice if you want to eat and taste the smooth taste with each mouthful. It doesn’t have that much sugar, so it’s not nauseating and you can take a whole one. Babette has Red Fruits, which must be equally tasty. Linzer pie, more like a cake, is traditional from Austria and other European countries like Hungary, Switzerland and Germany have the habit of serving it at Christmas. Ah, curiosity! They say it is the oldest known cake, with a recipe that dates from 1656. Cool, right?
Although Linzer won me over, the owner of the coffee, Railda Marinho Borges, said that the specialty of the house is Barra Babette. Made with semi-dark chocolate, Brazil nut, apricot, raisins and crunchy biscuit, the triangle-shaped candy looks simply delicious. To accompany, do not hesitate to ask for an Express. The coffee (Babette only works with Orpheus) is delicious and striking. Or, if you prefer, you can choose from the many wines available. The most popular are the Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Concha y Toro and the French Calvet Bordeaux.
Babette Cafe
Rua Prudente de Morais, 1101 – Downtown
Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 9:30 pm – Saturdays until 12:30 pm
Phone: (41) 3205-0955
Well, that was the first tip of Curitiba’s gastronomic itineraries. If you have any suggestions or criticisms, don’t hesitate to call. I hope you like it and keep following!
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