Coated walls: Wood

Coated walls: Wood

Textured walls are great for giving movement to decor. Wood brings more coziness and leaves the atmosphere more traditional and comfortable.
I decided to talk to you about my favorite wood coatings:

Foto 1 – Pinterest / Foto 2 – Casa 7 ce / Foto 3 – Pinterest

  1. Demolition – It is super rustic and leaves the environment with a more Provençal face. I love this coating on wall panels and furniture in general.
  2. Lozenges – Lozenges are irregular and therefore bring modernity to the room. I like the mix of sizes and tones, as in the photo.
  3. Ribs – The smoothest textures are ribs are the cleanest and make up the decoration of any environment.

There are several options for who wants this type of coating. In addition to the panels and inserts, there are papers (contact or wall) that imitate wood – and end up being a much cheaper solution!

Foto – Mercado Livre / Foto 2 – UOL

After selecting the type of flooring and material to use, it’s time to get inspired by the decorations. I separated photos of 3 environments to help when setting up yours! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:


Photo – The Blogging Brew


Photo – The Neo Tradicionalist


Photo – So I Like

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