Coca-Cola Flavor Wine

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They say there are things in life that you either love or hate. If they came to you with a glass of cola flavored wine, what would you think? Wtf ?! That’s right, this is the novelty in the beverage market. The launch was made by the French winery Haussman Famille, with the aim of attracting a young audience.
A mixture of red wine and Coca-Cola seems bizarre, but in many European countries it is common. According to The New York Times, the drink is known as Kalimotxo. Who knows…
In the current edition, Rouge Sucette (or red lollipop) costs three euros, has 9% alcohol content and is produced with 75% grapes. The other 25% are water, sugar and flavorings. That is, enough reason to be afraid to experiment. Just kidding, test it once ?
Despite the novelty being successful here, it is not today that the winery launches flavored wines. The other versions were white and rosé wine with passion fruit juice and grapefruit. Almost a Keep Cooler, huh. Le Figaro, one of the largest French newspapers, said that last year the country sold more than 15 MILLION bottles of aromatised wines and that number is expected to double in 2013. About Rouge Sucette, the marketing director of Haussman Famille , Pauline Lacombe, states that the result is surprising. “The balance between the bitterness of the wine and the sweetness of Coca-Cola is perfect”. So, do you want to try it?

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