Coconut oil out of the kitchen

Coconut oil out of the kitchen

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Coconut oil is one of the most versatile products you can find! In addition to being used in the kitchen, in dozens of recipes, it can be used as a cosmetic! Best of all, it will make you look beautiful from head to toe!



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Perhaps coconut oil is our best ally when it comes to skin care! Look how many benefits:

  • Face and body moisturizer;
  • Body scrub (mix with sugar and, if desired, coffee powder);
  • Make up remover;
  • Depilation (softens hair before applying the blade);
  • Improves and prevents blemishes and streaks.



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Anyone who follows the snap and instagram of model and actress Yasmin Brunet, knows that that wonderful hair is always treated with coconut oil. Use in the bath, after shampoo, as a mask. Let the oil soak for about 5 minutes and rinse well!



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The nails are also much more hydrated and the cuticles much softer with the use of oil!



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In addition to the whitening effect (you can use it as a paste together with baking soda), coconut oil helps to treat bad breath! Just make a long mouthwash (10 to 20 minutes) with the oil early, on an empty stomach and without brushing your teeth – this tip is also from Yasmin, but look … It’s difficult!
Always prefer organic coconut oils, they are much more natural and the effects are enhanced!
Are you convinced to dive into coconut oil? I have!!

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