Coconut water, avocado and co. With these superfood tricks the stars stay beautiful and slim

Coconut water, avocado and co. With these superfood tricks the stars stay beautiful and slim

You don’t need make-up artists and cosmetic surgeons to look slim and stunning like a supermodel. We’ll tell you which superfood is on the menu of the stars and models.

The beauty miracle cure from the refrigerator

Blemished skin, dull hair, even wrinkles – it’s often due to poor diet. So it’s no wonder that most of the rich and famous have their diet put together by a professional nutritionist. After all, beauty and nutrition are closely related. We have put together the best tips on the stars’ beauty secrets for you.

Miranda Kerr swears by the nourishment of Polynesian indigenous people

With her ex Orlando Bloom (41) it didn’t work out for Miranda Kerr (34), with a radiantly beautiful appearance it did. The avowed fitness fanatic recommends recipes for a flawless complexion that she discovered in Polynesia: The juice of the noni berry comes into her glass twice a day. There are also smoothies with plenty of avocado, raw cocoa, acai berries and chia seeds. This not only keeps you slim, but is also good for your beauty.

Jessica Alba likes it classic

If you want to make a career in Hollywood, you have to look great. Actress Jessica Alba (36) is also convinced of it. The now 36-year-old keeps her youthful and slim appearance with a healthy diet: there are lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain products on the table. A special tip to stay slim is coconut water – simply as a drink, in salad dressing, in soups or curries.

Madonna loves coconut too

Coconut water really has to be tough if, in addition to Jessica Alba, an icon like Madonna (59) swears by the clear liquid. Madonna is right, because coconut water is isotonic and contains valuable minerals as well as many vitamins. With such a diet, beauty is almost automatically preserved.


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With these 5 tricks you can get through the Christmas season slim

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Karlie Kloss is standing by the oven

As a supermodel, Karlie Kloss (25) has to pay close attention to her diet in order to preserve her beauty. She discovered baking as a tip for the slim figure. She got the recipes for her beauty secret and a healthy diet from top chef Christina Tosi. For example, healthy biscuits consist of ground almonds and oatmeal, refined with pineapple juice or agave syrup.

At Gwyneth Paltrow, you can’t do without avocados

Another star beauty secret is avocados. For Gwyneth Paltrow (45), not a day can go by without her – no matter in what form. The actress loves eating the green fruit so much that she has dedicated several recipes to it in her cookbook. Gwyneth values ​​avocados not only as a natural anti-aging agent, but because they are also rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.

Katy Perry’s tip is mushrooms

Katy Perry’s stage shows are stunning, as is the singer’s looks. She is slim and beautiful. Katy Perry (33) also owes this to her diet. One of her beauty secrets is mushrooms. Katy replaces one meal a day with a fresh serving of mushrooms. The mushrooms contain vitamin B, iron, zinc and lots of protein – for shiny hair, strong fingernails and radiantly beautiful skin.

Rihanna’s superfood is on bread

Rihanna (29) has made almond butter her personal superfood. The star prefers to eat this beauty secret for breakfast in the morning. There is also fresh fruit, nuts and a yogurt. Such a healthy start to the day not only keeps you slim and fit but above all young and enchantingly beautiful.

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