Coffee substitute Instead of coffee: These are 5 healthy wake-ups in the morning

Coffee substitute Instead of coffee: These are 5 healthy wake-ups in the morning

Don’t like the bitter taste of coffee or are you looking for a healthier alternative? These five drinks get the day off to a good start.

Many people don’t come in the morning without coffeen Momentum – at least that’s what they think. The disadvantage of this: the high that the consumption of the caffeinated drink folgt, is vanished soon and if you got in response the nextdrink the first cup, you close quickly a lot. Also, not everyone tolerates coffee to the same extent.

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Wake up without coffee! That’s how it’s done …

For those who are grumpy in the morning, “waking up without coffee” sounds like an impossible imposition. There are some effective tricks that can get the body going without caffeine.

Fortunately there is Alternatives to the black beansthat not only taste good, but partlye are even better stimulants. If you want to add variety to your morning routine, try take it easy with the following four drinks.

1. Matcha tea: natural pick-me-up with tradition

Instead of coffee, just drink tea. We recommend the legendary Matcha tea. It contains less caffeine than coffee, but it doesr at least the same and llonger lively. In addition, its consumption leads not to restlessness and insomnia. For a better taste, you can use foamed soy or make rice milk into a matcha latte. The catch: Matcha tea is not cheap.

2. Wake up with ginger

Ginger doesn’t look very appetizing at first, but it has it all. The tubers are also great for getting going in the morning. Finally they stimulate the circulation and metabolism. To get from it benefit, you can Cut a piece of ginger into slices and pour boiling water over them. Too boring? Along with some lemon and holittle to sweeten quickly one delicious Ginger lemonade.

3. Guarana for the ultimate kick

You may know the name “Guarana” von energy drinks. Contains the seeds of the fruits from the Amazon basin a lot of caffeine. However, this is released more slowly than withm Coffee enjoyment. That leads to you practicingmany hours away from you You benefit from the awakening effect. If you are not in the mood for sweet energy drinks, you can also buy guarana in powder form. Put some of it in a juice and the coffee substitute is ready. Aber be economical with the dosage in order to avoid the great tremors.

4. Ayurveda coffee substitute

Also at the Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health teachings, is made with coffee-Ersatz experiments. This is often conventional coffee that is provided with various ingredients. This creates an alkaline coffee substitute. Trying is allowed. For example, mix two cups of fresh espresso with ginger water (see above). Spices like cinnamon, anise and coriander ensure more taste.

5. Turmeric, Lemon, and Cayenne Pepper

Finally a suggestiong for turmeric fans. Mix Pressed ginger, 1 teaspoon turmeric, a pinch of cayenne pepper and the juice of a lemon with about 200 ml of warm water – a stimulating and all-round healthy drink.


Golden milk
Do you already know turmeric latte?

Turmeric Latte looks beautiful, is healthy and even wakes you up … Try it highly recommended!

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