Coffee tasting: new fashion?

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I have already commented in other posts that besides wine, I am passionate about coffee… It was while researching the most fragrant drink in the world (in my opinion), that I found a page that called my attention “Coffee week Brasil 2014”. Ok, I already knew “Restaurante week”, but coffee week? I entered the page and it brought little information about the event itself, only the addresses of the participating cafes… Among them, the Coffee Container, a new coffee shop here in the city (is about to complete its first year)! So, I entered and arranged a chat with one of the owners so that he could explain better to me not only about the event, but about this fever of coffee tastings!

As soon as we arrive at the place, it already draws attention for its architecture: it is a container, literally a cafeteria inside a container! Upon entering, I was attended by employees dressed in a relaxed manner, and very friendly, and I was in love with the environment! Wood, metal, glass, plants, all associated with perfumeeeee! Coffee, coffee and coffee !!!
Soon Gustavo Mourtada came to receive me, and even before the chat started, he asked one of the employees to bring two selected tastings for Coffee week Brasil. Gustavo is a publicist, and joined two other friends to dive into the world of coffee. The great discomfort of friends, which led them to become partners, was the fact that coffee was a small adjunct in pastry shops and restaurants, and it was not always very well done… It was then that the concept of cafeteria emerged: there the coffee would be the star of the show, and sweet, savory would be the companions! For this they hired trained baristas, selected the best grains in Brazil, and placed them in a container! And the result was FANTASTIC !!! The group has a strong passion for Brazilian products, so, in addition to coffees, every evening, the place offers a happy hour of national sparkling wines, which are exposed in a Victorian bathtub full of ice! But let’s go back to the cafe… lol…
According to Gustavo, coffee has always been a national passion, but for a few years now, Brazilians have become more demanding with the quality of the beans, as well as the method of extracting the drink! “Taking the hook” from that moment, some cafeterias started offering tastings that vary in: same grain with different extractions, different beans with the same extraction, different grinds…
On my tasting afternoon, I was served a Yellow Bourbon extracted by the V60 method (paper strainer), by the aero press method (strained under pressure) and the traditional espresso (with same S). My favorite was the V60, which for those who don’t get a good explanation before the tasting, I would call it “cháfé”, because it is very weak, however, the perfumes of the coffee, flowers, yellow fruits… Ahhhhhhhhhhh… my nose and taste that love wines freaked out !!! And the funniest thing is that the espresso, which I drink every morning, became so strong, that I quickly returned to the V60 and stayed there! Hahahahaha. I also tasted the same tasting, from a blend home grain… In this case, I preferred the aero press…
It was more than two hours of chatting, I wouldn’t be able to tell you everything we talked about here, but I need to end this article with a phrase very similar to the one I started my first post here on the site: just like tasting wines – tasting coffees, it’s history , geography, culture, gastronomy, and best of all: make new friends, and unite those who already know each other!
Coffe Week Brasil is still a bit shy, but it is growing and this year it even involved cities in the interior, but I advise you to go to the site, register to receive the news, and be smart for the next one, which unfortunately will only happen in the year that comes… But until then you can learn a little more about this new gastronomic craze!
Ah !!! And this is the Café Container website: For those who live in Campinas and region it is worth knowing!

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