Cokes: from casual to chic

Cokes: from casual to chic

Buns are versatile hairstyles. There are super practical and easy models to make, but we also have several options for super elaborate and sophisticated hairstyles. I separated the main trends and variations of the visual.

Low coke


Photo 1 – Shtay Glam / Photo 2 – Push hair / Photo 3 – Fashion Melon

The low bun is very elegant. The more behaved look, like the one in the first photo, can be used in formal events, as it is very straight. Model 2 is the “perfect messy” – you can use a mousse to give texture to the strands and secure the bun with looser clips. The third photo brings a very casual and stripped style; it’s the kind of coke we make in the middle of the day.

Half stuck


Photo 1 – The Zoe Report / Photo 2 – We Fashion Trends / Photo 3 –

The trend is dominating hair in the northern hemisphere. The very cool line is striking, but is super irreverent. The look looks great on any type of hair: straight, wavy or curly. Combine with more sporty pieces, nothing too formal. This hairstyle is more wearable on a daily basis.

Not high


Photo 1 – Black Bazaar / Photo 2 – Luv May / Photo 3 – Pretty Design

The famous messy bun could not be left out. The bun looser and at the top of the head is an already classic look. He goes from work to a party. You can put together more tight looks, use fixative and mousse, or you can curl your hair and hang with any hairpin thrown in your bag. The look is modern and very young.



Photo 1 – We Heart It / Photo 2 – Stay Glam / Photo 3 –

What a more elaborate look? Bet on different ways of attaching. Take several references to your hairdresser and see which one suits you best. Braids, loose buns, sides … Also try to opt for delicate and modern accessories – they make all the difference!

Do you already have your favorite?

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