Cold season Colds during pregnancy: you should know that as an expectant mom!

Cold season Colds during pregnancy: you should know that as an expectant mom!

Coughing and runny nose are unpleasant, but not a danger for mother and child. We reveal how you can avoid the annoying viruses and bacteria – and get back on your feet quickly with home remedies in an emergency!

Influenza infections are no exception, and expectant mothers also catch cold. Often more often because the body focuses all of its energy on the baby, not on defending against pathogens. But there is nothing to worry about. Nature has arranged it in such a way that children enjoy a kind of nest protection in the womb. Infections cannot harm them.

Instead, the aim is to alleviate the unpleasant consequences of a cold, such as a sore throat, cough, runny nose, headache and a slightly elevated temperature in pregnant women. If possible, no medication should be taken. Pregnant women are best to use home remedies.

With our tips, a cold is no longer a problem.

The best home remedies for a cold

Whether in the subway, in the office or in the supermarket – people cough and sneeze everywhere. In autumn, the cold wave usually hits us with full force. Anyone who feels the first scratchy throat can contain the budding disease with these home remedies.

Tip # 1: keep bacteria at a distance

You get a flu-like infection through a virus. If that happens, pregnant women have to be careful not to get a secondary infection as well. Specifically, this means preventing at all costs from becoming infected with bacteria. This can easily happen because the immune system is weakened from the cold.

This is why pregnant women are best to stay away from large crowds, who often cough and sneeze in autumn and winter. They also cancel visits to friends, relatives and acquaintances who have a cold. You don’t have to challenge your fate and therefore avoid potential sources of infection.

In addition, meticulous cleanliness is required. To prevent getting a virus or germ by touching surfaces, pregnant women should wash and disinfect their hands regularly.

Know where: How to target the germs in your household in a targeted manner!

Most bacteria are found on these household items

They are invisible to the naked eye: germs and bacteria that like to romp about on common household items. But the health risk lurks almost everywhere!

Tip no. 2: rest heals

Rest and adequate sleep are ideal to let the self-healing powers work. There is nothing more you can do about a cold than just patiently heal it.

Tip # 3: Liquid washes away pathogens

Bring the water! When you have a cold, the body needs more water to moisten the entire organism, but especially the upper respiratory tract. The mucous membranes must be moist so that the cold can flow and carry pathogens out. But it doesn’t just have to be water. Cold and herbal teas are not only liquid, but can – depending on the medicinal herb – specifically heal certain symptoms.

Pregnant?  First, drink a cup of tea!

Good tea, bad tea
Pregnant? Just wait and see!

Little wisdom for all expectant mums out there: wait and see and drink tea. A well-tended cup of tea can work wonders for minor physical and emotional complaints. But, but: There are a few rules to be observed, and some varieties you should better stay away from …

Tip # 4: Home remedies instead of medication

Expectant mothers only use drugs such as ibuprofen or paracetamol in an emergency and in close consultation with their doctor. They ideally treat symptoms of a cold with home remedies.

Inhalations clear blocked noses again. Essential oils from eucalyptus, thyme or chamomile enhance the effect.

Nasal irrigation and Gargle with saline solution also free olfactory organs with snuffiness and disinfect inflamed throat areas.

A self-made cough syrup from chopped onions and honey relieves cough.

A cool one Quark wrap helps against sore throat and swelling. A warm one Potato wraps soothes the bronchi.

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