Cold time 5 tips to get rid of your cold faster

Cold time 5 tips to get rid of your cold faster

Oh no, there it is again – that tell-tale itch in your nose. You already know that the common cold is on its way. With these home remedies you will get rid of the common cold quickly.

No matter ob summer or Winter – she likes to greet you at any time: the common cold. What is usually announced slowly with an itchy nose soon develops into a sneeze parade paired with sore throat and persistent exhaustion. With a few Haverage out can you dhe cold but quickly declare war and colds and Co. kKnock out completely.

1. Nasal irrigationdClear your nose of bacteria

A well-known remedy for a blocked nose is the so-called Nasal irrigation. This is the nose with a Salt solution permanently cleaned and freed from bacteria. It is recommended if you have a cold, do nasal irrigation up to three times a day.

2. InhalationdMoisten the mucous membranes

All too often the cold turns into a sore throat and throat. Here can a Inhalation bath Work miracles. If you want to make it easy for yourself, brewyou have beneficial chamomile tea in a larger bowl. Now you start the inhalation, inthat you lean over the bowl and deep breathe in and out. This old household trick help perfectly against the common cold, frees the nose and supplies irritated mucous membranes with new moisture.

3. Herbal teadhe warm all-rounder

But tea can not only be your salvation when it comes to inhalation. Warm drinks are exactly the ritake care of your body if you are battling a cold. There are quite a handful of teas that can relieve symptoms as well against the cold help can. While ginger tea a especially strengthening effect showt, is Camomile tea rather anti-inflammatoryd and expectorant. Depending on complaints, so you can With different types of tea deNip a cold in the bud.

Just get rid of a cold

This way the cold will go away quickly

A cold is annoying enough. If there is also a sinus infection, recovery often takes a long time. We’ll tell you which simple tricks you can use to relieve symptoms in seconds.

4. Refrain from alcohol and cigarettes

While herbal teas can have a positive effect on the course of the disease, should alcohol and cigarettes at the time completely avoided become. Especially with a sore throat or PharynxThe two stimulants can aggravate the symptoms. If you mean well with your bodyyou do not use it during a cold.

5. Bed restndraw new strength

E.One of the most successful ways to get rid of a cold is adequate sleep. During a cold, dthe immune system attacked and exhaustion is the result. The best way to give your body back new energy is with a healthy dose of sleep. Do you wrap up warm overnight and wear a schal, your body produces more heat and sweat and the cold can be sweated out easily.

But the symptoms do not go away, can also be the best house centerl against the common cold no longer help. If the illness lasts more than a week, you definitely should Pay your family doctor a visit. Even if suddenly high fever occurs, there is no way am Doctor over. Pneumonia or other severe symptoms can result.

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