Colored Nails: Would You Wear It?

Colored Nails: Would You Wear It?

Anyone who lives on instagram or searching for beauty references on Pinterest, has probably come across trends in nail art. I already talked about ideas for those who enjoy more minimalist nails, but this time the references are not discreet, after all, we are talking about super colorful nails!

Colored Nails: Would You Wear It?

Photo: Julep

Well, the 90s came back for good and not just in fashion! Beauty trends are also closely related to that time and it is clear that it would not be long before we talk about multi-colored nails, right? Mixing several nail polishes has never been so cool and I confess that even I am more basic in this regard I felt like testing simpler versions like nails tone on tone and gradients ?

For those who are more daring, but still like to bring a nail unit, the tip is to choose the same finish (metallic, opaque, sparkling or creamy) on all nail polishes and a similar undertone. Hot or cold backgrounds help to create this more “discreet” effect in the composition even though the colors are quite different from each other. Aah, pastel colors are also great allies at this time!

Now, if the intention is to play in colors, then there is no rule – not that the other versions have! I really like the same finish in all of them, but the versions with just an opaque nail, with glitter or even some application in each hand are also interesting.

Colored Nails: Would You Wear It?

Photos: @modices outside @marilyn_spafornails

And if you’re on the team nail art, there are also plenty of options! I swear I thought it was impossible to mix colors and designs in a delicate way, but I was surprised by so many references.

So, did you feel like testing or do you prefer to see others? I’m still in doubt, but it brings me a certain nostalgia I can’t deny!

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