Coloring Strategic Points!

Coloring Strategic Points!

Have you thought about bringing a little more color to your decor in a discreet way, but still super cool? It is not new that I love a colorful decoration, but I know that many people are afraid of getting sick of the very flashy tones on the walls!
It was precisely thinking about who has this fear that I decided to share here some references of environments with a touch of strategic color ?

Coloring Strategic Points!

Photo: Feliz Moderno (UK)

Yeah, coloring just the sides of a column, the indentation of the window, part of the steps, the side of a door or even the edge of a decorative piece (like mirrors) are creative ways to insert vibrant tones into the environment without weighing in the composition!

Painting, applying adhesive papers or even wallpapers are very simple to do, but the result is really surprising, right?
This, in fact, is a good tip for those who have rented apartments, houses or commercial rooms. You don’t invest so much, don’t modify the original environment, but bring a lot more personality to the decor

Did you like the idea? I confess that I felt like testing new paintings here at home ?

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