Comfort and Style: Maxi Cardigan!

Comfort and Style: Maxi Cardigan!

I think that just like a white shirt, which works in any style, a good cardigan is that piece that always helps us. It is not by chance that I have several of them and it is practically impossible for me to take a trip without at least one in the suitcase. My favorite models are definitely the widest and longest because in addition to giving that elongated silhouette, they protect more from the wind and leave the composition with that little face comfortable, You know?

But as there is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to maxi cardigan, I decided to talk about some of my favorite ways to wear the piece ?


Comfort and Style: Maxi Cardigan!

Photos: Live Master and 10 Thirteen via Pinterest

It cannot be denied that the easiest way to compose the piece is in the everyday look with a T-shirt and jeans, for example. If you are more basic, why not bet on a version with a touch of color or knitting with a thicker stitch? Just use a simpler production underneath that the cardigan does the look ?

Of course, the thinner versions in more sober colors will also be used a lot. You can combine it with pants, dresses, skirts, shorts… In the middle of the season, when the weather changes overnight, there’s nothing more practical than a cardigan like that!


Comfort and Style: Maxi Cardigan!

Photos: Meet Yours Fashion and Moda que Rima

In my view, another super positive point of the cardigan is that it gives a more casual feel to that look that you only wear on special occasions. I’m talking about that sexiest dress you usually wear at night, as well as a low-cut blouse or a short skirt.
In these cases, I think it is worth investing in a one-color cardigan to bring a unit to the look!


A piece with a finer knit that is a little more structured on the body is an excellent alternative for a work look, for example. Stripes are true classics that can, yes, give a charm to that more neutral and classic office production.

Now if the intention is to use the cardigan in a night look, you can invest in the metallic versions, in lurex or with transparencies. They bring an extra texture, do not weigh and still leave the composition with that more modern and cool.


Look, I venture to say that every women’s clothing store will have at least one cardigan option, so finding the garment will not be complicated at all. However, as I mentioned some specific models, I made a special selection with 10 beautiful pieces available for purchase ?
Comfort and Style: Maxi Cardigan!
1- Elongated Cardigan at Renner – R $ 59.90
3- AMARO Lurex Long Cardigan – R $ 179.90
5- Gray cardigan at Renner – R $ 119.90
6- Yogini Cardigan in Shop2gether – R $ 429.00
7- Farm Cardigan at Gallerist – R $ 298.00
8- AMARO Side Slits Long Cardigan – R $ 179.90
9- Triton Bronze Metallic Cardigan by Triton at Dafiti – R $ 319.99
10- Embroidered Maxi Cardigan with Shoulder – R $ 579.00

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