Comfortable and elegant travel look
Comfortable and elegant travel look

Comfortable and elegant travel look

I always had a huge difficulty with my travel looks. Either I ended up going to travel very comfortable, but without any style, or else a little bit stiff and ended up uncomfortable, or worse: going cold.
For some time now I have been traveling a lot and I ended up developing a style of look for the airport that I am loving.
I start with tennis. I don’t travel without some shoes in my suitcase and at least one on my foot. It fits any type, but needs to match most of the clothes I’m carrying.
Then, it can be pants with a wide blouse or a comfortable dress with pantyhose, as I always get cold on airplanes. I don’t know if you know, but although I love cold places, I am very cold and I like to be always prepared not to get sick.
Then I leave for my handbag. I don’t start with the purse anymore, because I was going to travel with very large bags that weighed me a lot.
So, on my last trip to LA I invested in a handbag (the one you see in the photo), which is incredibly practical, the right size for national and international trips, as well as being beautiful.
I start with her and put on everything I need, including my pajamas. Yes, if the flight is too long I don’t have the least embarrassment to change and put on some nice and warm pajamas to feel better during the whole trip. Just like taking off all my makeup and filling my face with creams so it doesn’t dry out.
Of course, pajamas are cute and completely understated. If you are going on a long trip for sure this is my TOP 1 tip for traveling well.
Of course, this trip to Istanbul was no different, the chosen look was a knit dress with a pattern of stripes that transition between black, white, gold and silver, making me comfortable and at the same time elegant for arriving at the airport in São Paulo and also on the descent in Istanbul.
A black pantyhose with a 60 thread makes the look more warm and comfortable, after all in SP it was doing a little chilly that day.
On the feet the sneakers that you are seeing right on my snap: daniellenoce, with daisies pattern. I’m super in love with him.
As I thought that the weather in Istanbul could change a little (since it was hot the week before), I took a light navy coat that matched most of my pieces, so I could wear it throughout the trip , as you will see later.
And finally, my companion bag, which also gives a very special touch to the look because it is black varnish with golden details. In addition, it fits my passport, wallet, lipstick, eye drops and brush, which are indispensable and must be handy. The rest goes in the bag; D
Did you like the look? How do you usually travel?
Dress | Maria Filó
Coat | Marc Jacobs
Purse | Kate Spade
Tennis | Vans
Hand bag | Brics

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