Comfortable B&W Look
Comfortable bw look

Comfortable B&W Look

My loves, good morning! Now it’s 6 am and I’m doing this post straight from Atlanta. I’m here at the airport waiting to catch my flight to LA
People this is already the third time that I go to Los Angeles this year. I’m not even believing it. I am amazed how when we follow our dreams and goals the sun shines brighter in our direction.
This time I’m going to LA and then to Anaheim, where there will be a technology and new media fair, called VidCon. I’m super excited, because I know that I will learn a lot from other entrepreneurs and youtubers.
To travel I always opt for something more comfortable. Today it was jeans with very thin fabric, a black silk shirt with a tie detail on the collar, which gives an extra charm to the look, leaving it more elegant.
For accessories, I opted for a black and white sneaker with a golden bow, and the bag is vintage made with a metallic mesh. I found it super charming!
But of course my pajamas are already in the handbag and as soon as I have dinner on the plane, I change to be even more comfortable!
Did you like the look? How do you usually travel?
1. Jeans pants | Forever 21
2. Silk shirt | NK Store
3. Sneaker | Arezzo
4. Vintage bag | Thrift store

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