Comfortable looks to enjoy Rock in Rio

Comfortable looks to enjoy Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio starts today and everyone is already preparing for the festival! There is always that doubt of what to use in an open air show, very hot and for a whole day.
Before talking about the looks and the most important part is the protector. Seriously, pass and pass the product always – the sun in Rio is unforgivable. Also, always carry hair elastics and the minimum necessary in your bag.
Well, now for the essentials:



Photo 1 – Buzzfeed / Photo 2 – Juliana Parisi / Photo 3 – Ivana Revic

It’s not a must, but jeans are always a great choice. Shorts, bib or even pants (if you’re more cold). They are neutral, basic and will guarantee the necessary comfort to enjoy the day. I prefer not to wear skirts or dresses at these events, but if you feel comfortable, why not?

Comfortable shoes


Photo 1 – Mucca Shop / Photo 2 – Kanui / Photo 3 – Steal the Look

I think this is the most indispensable tip! No sneakers, boots with heels (even if minimal) or shoes that are too open. I know it makes you want to use that super comfortable flat shoe, but I don’t recommend it much – if it rains and everything turns into mud, it won’t be very good. Opt for sneakers, slip on or short boots with no heel.

If you have to choose between your old and super comfortable sneakers or the beautiful new one, choose the first. It is already lacquered and will not hurt you while you are jumping and singing madly.

Loose blouses

inspiring-and-comfortable-to-enjoy-rock-in-rio-2015-danielle-noce-3 looks

Photo 1 – Toda Pink / Photo 2 – Juliana Parisi / Photo 3 – Tips for Women

Guys, the best option is comfort. If you are always ultra comfortable in a tight cropped, great! But I feel better with something very light and loose. Very oversized t-shirts and tank tops are great options to enjoy the show without worrying about giving that blouse.



Photo 1 – Love trends / Photo 2 – She Inside / Photo 3 – Refinery 29

Nothing to want to take everything to the show! Less is more!! Take the essentials for your survival during the day: ticket, document, money, cell phone, lipstick and go! The crossed models are the best – no one deserves to hold the bag all day.



Photo 1 – Glamor Spain / Photo 2 – Shop Bikini / Photo 3 – Shop Style

If I had to choose 1 accessory it would be my glasses! They make the look more beautiful and are super useful! Other cool options are mixed rings and necklaces – they look younger and super cool. If your blouse is more dug, how about investing in the strap bra? They look super charming!

Total comfort


Photo 1 – Christina Klug / Photo 2 – All Womens Stalk / Photo 3 – Agão de Condão

You have seen that, at those times, comfort is everything to me. I found these looks beautiful and versatile (if you get that cool at the end of the show, you’ll be ready. The basic black little monkey in the second photo is an incredible option! The scarf in the last photo can finish off the look – be it on the neck, in the bag, in the hair…

So, did you like the tips?

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