Comfy and basic look for the first day in Seattle

Comfy and basic look for the first day in Seattle

Anyone who follows the channel has already seen that the Seattle videos arrived with everything! Our first day of travel was very busy, full of walks and many, many delicious foods – the video is here ?
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Early in the day we went to visit the famous Pike Place Market, which is much more than just a local market. In addition to being one of the most famous tourist spots in the city, Pike sells very high quality products from local producers. It is good to set aside a lot of time to get to know as much as possible, because there is a lot of cool stuff – and despite being full of tourists, the city’s residents never stop shopping here!
Leaving there, and after making some strategic stops along the way, we stopped for a wonderful Ginger Beer – Rachel’s Ginger Beer has several super delicious flavors, including some alcoholic! This is one of the coolest things in town: finding shops and stores that only exist in Seattle, no big chains.
It is logical that we could not pass by a place beyond eccentric, cool and even a little disgusting: the Gum Wall. The wall is simply crowded with gum all over the place, it even smells like gum. I confess that despite the disgust and the initial strangeness, the effect is incredible – I took several pictures there!
To enjoy and be super comfortable on this busy day, nothing better than a basic look: jeans, sneakers and white T-shirt! This combo always works super well, especially when traveling. In order not to make the production so simple, I used a very long cardigan with a loose fit that I love! This third piece made all the difference – the oversized shape makes everything more stylish, don’t you think?
The glasses with round and very grenadine lenses also attract a lot of attention – a lot of people even asked me about the brand that is Dolce & Gabbana. The green touch brought even more personality to the accessory ?
Finally, I opted for a smaller and more feminine bag. The pink tones and golden chain are super delicate and perfectly combined with Julia Blini’s beautiful jewels – in fact I love mixing gold and silver, it is a more casual mix!
Tell us in the comments what you thought of that busy day and, of course, the complete look ?

  1. Pants and T-Shirt | Forever 21
  2. Wool coat | The little
  3. Tennis | Adidas
  4. Glasses | Dolce & Gabbana
  5. Bag | Serpui
  6. Jewels | Julia Blini
  7. Watch | Timex

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