Comfy look for dinner in Valbonne

Comfy look for dinner in Valbonne

After a day full of recordings, nothing better than eating well and relaxing a little bit, right? Paulo, I and the other invited influencers went to dinner in Valbonne, a small town very close to where we were staying. We got to know the staff better and still enjoy the food ?
I took advantage of the night to use a mega comfortable production and with my face. This look was so comfy that I would wear it every day of my life, haha! Sweatpants, jeans, sneakers … Is there anything better?
For the look not to be so basic, I invested in the overlay with a very closed shirt – in fact, I even made a post here on the blog talking about how much I love this way of wearing the piece!
I made a point of using my valentine gift on the trip! The small black bag is perfect for any occasion, a super wildcard. The red on the side and the golden chain make the accessory look more sophisticated. Aah, and anyone who has not seen the video where Paulo gave me the gift bag just click here ?
Wearing a simple sweatshirt would be too casual, right? That’s why I bet on a different piece of wet velvet. The production was much nicer with this unusual texture.
Finally, nothing better than good old white sneakers. Those who do not have these shoes yet have no idea of ​​their versatility. After my trip to Paris last year, I always carry a couple in the suitcase because it goes well with absolutely everything you can imagine!
This model has yet another thing that I love: the cork midsole. This detail is super cool, but it is still neutrinho.
So, would you also wear this look in total comfort?

  1. Pants and Shirt | Forever 21
  2. Tennis | Adidas
  3. Purse | Luiza Barcelos
  4. Jewels | Marisa Clermann
  5. Velvet Sweater | Nëphëw

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