Comptoir de la Gastronomie – Paris

Comptoir de la Gastronomie - Paris

I have been to this bistro a lot, but I just never write about it, either because I get home too late, or too tired and sometimes I forget. But this is a place that I go back and forth without stopping. If I’m around G.Detou buying some cooking ingredient, I have lunch at Comptoir. If I stop by Les Halles or see a film near the Center Georges Pompidou, I’m there eating again. I’m going to the salon that is nearby and OPS! Look at me again here. ; D Today I was in Paris looking for an apartment and I ended up looking at one nearby, so imagine where I ended up having lunch? That’s right, at the Comptoir de la Gastronomie.
Now I’m going to tell you why I can’t stop going back to this place.
Well, like many bistros in Paris, the place is neither beautiful nor pompous, which I particularly think is great, the waiters are attentive, super funny and communicative (very different from many places in Paris, and look, I’ve seen them serving people who did not speak a word in French and they continued to be super kind, which is also not very common in Paris).

comptoirdelagastronomie Comptoir de la Gastronomie

For that reason alone the place would already conquer me. In addition, the atmosphere is pleasant, you sit at the tables outside drinking a cold white wine on these delicious summer days … I could spend the whole afternoon there watching the city’s movement.
comptoirgastronomie1 But of course I wouldn’t be here telling you all this if the food wasn’t delicious, right? Certainly! The food is amazing. Several times I ate the foie gras with chutney and pickled ginger for starters, it’s drooling! Today I decided to change it a little and ordered the foie gras carpaccio, which was so delicious that it crumbled into bread as if it were butter, I’m even waiting to write again. Paulo once again ordered the pesto escargot in butter, it was also delicious.

carpacciofoiegras Carpaccio of Foie Gras, apple chutney and pickled ginger

For my main course I always order the Grand Caprese salad, but I have to say that it is huge, I never managed to eat it whole, I would say it is a salad well served even for two people and very well seasoned.

saladacaprese La Grand Caprese

Today Paulo asked for a canard magret that was cleaning his chin, at the right point (pink) and roasted to perfection.

magretdecanard Canard Magret

But I feel that I will have to disappoint you in one thing: dessert. The only time I ordered dessert there was a panna cotta, which was delicious, but with a layer of raspberries and jelly underneath that I didn’t like very much, and the other times it ended up that there was no room for dessert: /

Of course, I’m not going to finish a post from such a nice place half way down. To improve the situation, the Comptoir de la Gastronomie has a store attached to it; D that sells all the good things in this life for you to take home or to the hotel.

lojacomptoir Comptoir de la Gastronomie shop

The shop only has delicious things from top to bottom: fresh and canned foie gras, various fruit jams, salami and all kinds of sausages, cheeses, incredible wines, diverse mustards, spices, teas and much more. I always end up leaving there loaded with little things to eat throughout the week! bolinhocomptoir Shop cookie to eat later; D

Passing through Paris, don’t miss out!
The Comptoir de la Gastronomie is located at Rue Montmartre, 34 and the shop is next door, you can pass outside or inside the restaurant.

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