Condensed Milk Recipes: 7 Delicious Options!
Condensed milk recipes 7 delicious options

Condensed Milk Recipes: 7 Delicious Options!

Condensed milk is definitely a national passion. Whether it is to prepare sweets of the highest gastronomy or the homemade brigadeiro to spoon, he is always welcome and leaves the desserts creamy and full of flavor.
If you also love the ingredient and are looking for amazing recipes prepared with it, you’ve come to the right place. We made a special selection with five delicious desserts to taste condensed milk in various ways. And if you want to make a homemade version of the product to prepare all these delights, just tighten here.


A Brazilian classic that everyone loves! The secret of this pave is in the delicious cream accompanied with champagne biscuit and whipped cream. It’s pure creaminess ?
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You know that granny house cookie that melts in your mouth? That’s exactly how I describe this recipe. To keep the cookies dry, be sure to store them in a glass jar or tightly closed bag.
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condensed milk recipes


How not to love the traditional cubes of dulce de leche? This is the perfect recipe to test the patience of many, since it is necessary to stir the ingredients in the pan for a long time.
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Sweet version of patty? We have! Although it looks a lot like a custard tart, this delight is filled with condensed milk. To know how good it is, just doing it at home.
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Soft, fluffy, wet and very tasty: our condensed milk bread is the perfect option to enjoy for breakfast or afternoon. When served warm, the experience of eating this bread is even better!
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Donut or donut, call it what you want! This is one of the most classic American sweets in life, and here we have a Brazilian flavor with condensed milk. Worth doing even as a gift to someone ?
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Of course, the condensed milk pudding would not be off our list. This dessert is one of the most loved by us, Brazilians, and the best of all is that it is super easy to make.
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I hope you enjoy all these recipes with condensed milk to make at home! You have an idea for everyone, don’t you?

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