Condiment – SP

Condiment - SP

I have a very strong memory of one day of my adolescence, when I went to Condimento before the renovation they did in 2014. I was in love with the place, it was the first contact I had with a type of vintage French decoration and until today this is the type of decoration I like the most. I was also enchanted by the sweets – I was always an ant and there were all the sweets I saw in cartoons, series and films, from the breakfast pancake to the traditional Red Velvet cake.
I had not yet visited the store after the renovation, and I was surprised by the changes, because they managed to improve what in my memory was already perfect.
They still maintain the tradition of displaying sweets on a table, which looks beautiful with all the combination of colors and flavors.
I got there around 6pm on a Saturday. The store closes at 7 pm, but it was still pretty full. When I sat down, I ordered a Joy juice and the waiter already interrupted me, saying that they only had a few flavors. I ordered the grape. When ordering the salty, I also came across the same problem: they were no longer making the snack I chose because the caramelized onion was over. I asked anyway. When I went to take a picture of the candy table, I realized that a lot was missing and there was even a broken cake. My memory of a place without imperfections started to go away.
This time, Vitor, my boyfriend, accompanied me. For salty, he ordered the Tostado Veneza (R $ 19.00), made with miga bread, ham, cheese and oregano, served hot with a mix of leaves. Have you heard of “Raio Gourmetizador”? He attacked this snack, which is nothing more than a hot mixture in bread without a shell, which gained all the glamor accompanied by a salad and a beautiful name. But there is nothing different from what we do at home.
I ordered the Panini Mignon (R $ 24.00), made on Ciabatta bread, stuffed with filet mignon, caramelized onion, cheese and dijon mustard. But mine was without onion, right. Despite this, the snack was very tasty and the meat very tender. Very good.
condiment-snack mignon-juliaprezotto-ickfd
We went for the sweets, which is what matters most, right? My boyfriend ordered Cheesecake with red fruit sauce (R $ 17.00) and when he took the first mouthful he said “I don’t want this to end!”. Very good! I always find it hard to find a cheesecake that is as creamy as it is tasty, and this was the right spot.
condiment-cheesecake chunk-juliaprezotto-ickfd
As I had never tried Red Velvet (R $ 15.00), I decided to give it a try. His filling is based on cream cheese and the cake is known as “red velvet”. Amazing. Wonderful. Delicious. The piece was quite large, but I wanted to eat everything. I didn’t do it because I would be gluttonous, since I had finished the whole snack. I would have liked to have eaten only half of the snack to make the most of this little piece of heaven.
After eating the sweets, I remembered why I loved Condimento so much the first time I went. So the tip is this: just go to eat the sweets, which are very worthwhile. If you are hungry, it is best to have a snack at home and then enjoy the desserts at the pastry shop.
Address: 1400 Itapura Street
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 7pm. Saturday from 9am to 7pm
Phone: (11) 3554-1525 and 3554-1515

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