Confectionery and Bakery make monks

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Cooking is an art, there is no doubt about it. Who has never been fascinated to see a finished dish? In addition to this noble status, you must have seen someone claim that cooking is therapeutic. It can be a show of affection, how to prepare, for loved ones, a breakfast or a simple dinner for your love (who never?). It goes from the simplest to the most sophisticated preparations, the person who cooks is someone special. All this wisdom is further intensified when it comes to confectionery and bakery.
Precise measures, attentive eyes, steady hands, motor coordination, working the emotions from moments of agility to moments of patience, for these and others, I say: Confectionery and Bakery make monks. During the preparations, some prefer absolute concentration and silence, others seek music and dialogue. The truth is that over time the person will evolve his level of “gastronomic spirituality”, skills will sharpen, knowledge will be accumulated and the practice will sculpt the artisan as to his craft and even as to who he is.
Image courtesy of Alanna Taylor Tobin |  The Bojon Gourmetsource: Bojon gourmet
Face the result of your work as a growth challenge, give yourself to research, fill your heart with love to start another day, always. Throughout this text, I believe that some people must have crossed his mind, some of those who inspire us, people who, regardless of their origins, possible defects and difficulties, provide smiles, charms and joy to those around him.
If you intend to walk through the bakery and bakery, pay attention to the road, it is arduous, demanding and full of peculiarities that change from person to person. But remember that nowhere will you get if you don’t take your steps yourself. As well as the monks, accept help and help, because alone you can’t get anywhere but solitude.
greenkitchenstories-child-cooking-ickfdsource: Green Kitchen Stories – top photo: Design Love Fest

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