Confectionery Beira Mar - Niterói
Confectionery beira mar niteroi

Confectionery Beira Mar – Niterói

You know those old cartoons that we see that wonderful candy table asking to be devoured? So, this is how I feel when I’m going to have an afternoon snack at my favorite bakery in Niterói, Beira Mar.
This week I felt a huge desire to eat a Petrópolis toast, which we can’t easily find anywhere, at least here in Niterói. And the one over there is just wonderful. I don’t think even in Petrópolis they make such delicious toast! And to complete, as I’m pregnant everything seems to be better or worse, and in this case it was an explosion of texture and flavors that I felt in my mouth. I’m waiting until now lol. How a simple toast can do that to us, right?
seaside confectionery1
Now, imagine what I didn’t feel with all that variety of products in front of me ?! The table consisted of pizzas, sandwiches, focaccias, snacks, savory pies, pies, Italian ice cream, canapés, cold cuts, sweets, sweet rolls, cookies, pavés, swiss rolls, puffs, chocolates, Financiers, savory breads of all kinds … My salty suggestion, besides the Petrópolis toast is Kane’s roll which is simply divine, slightly sweet. For dessert, waffe with its huge variety of toppings like jellies, homemade sweets, hot syrups and, of course, the traditional honey.
seaside confectionery3
To accompany, for free they offer a delicious house tea and a very iced mate. They also have a huge list of hot and cold drinks that will leave anyone jaw-dropping. Ah! be sure to also try the orange roulade. This is the wettest roll that melts in your mouth that I know! I really like roulade kkk
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If you are passing through Niterói, it is very worthwhile to extend the day to be able to enjoy this afternoon tea that goes from 4 pm to 8 pm. If you still don’t know the tourism options, we have among them the Caminho Niemeyer, which is an architectural complex and a corridor of cultural devices under the architectural project of Oscar Niemeyer, concentrated in the city center, but with some buildings in other neighborhoods, especially by the beach edge.
It comprises the Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói (the most famous building), the Roberto Silveira Memorial, the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation, the Popular Theater of Niterói, the Juscelino Kubitschek Square, the Petrobras Museum of Brazilian Cinema (under construction) and the futurist Charitas Ferry Station. We have the Fortaleza de Santa Cruz which, with its imposing and grandiose architectural complex, causes the observer the impact of fright and the appeasement of beauty. The prisoners’ cells, the memory of the torture chambers, the impenetrable bars that target the old gallows guarded by an inner guard, the marks of firing on the wall; the chapel of Santa Bárbara, in colonial style, are elements that constitute the Fortaleza. Also as an option, the Forte do Pico and Forte São Luís, which still preserve with grandeur and grandeur stone boxes and walls already covered with vegetation, two imposing access gates, corridors, galleries and tunnels full of mystery and wide rocky patios.
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In the ocean, we will have the Costão de Itacoatiara. This rocky monolith enters the ocean, forming the Ponta de Itacoatiara. Approximately 250m high, this rock belongs to the Serra da Tiririca State Park and has predominantly rupicolous vegetation, with many bromeliads and orchids, as well as two “oases” of Atlantic Forest, one on its summit and the other on its east slope. it is simply beautiful and a favorite spot for city surfers. And to take the whole family, there is nothing like the weekend tour in Campo de São Bento, with a huge variety of top quality crafts and typical foods for a delicious snack before lunch. The park is frequented assiduously by the population. It houses a small park and, in addition, offers numerous attractions, as it portrays meetings of the Clube do Curió, meetings of the Otakontro group in Niterói, exhibitions, book launches, concerts, courses and presentation of films and videos.
We have many attractions in my beloved city. But these are the best tips that I could give you at this point.
Kisses and until next time!
The Beira Mar Confectionery
Rua Coronel Moreira César, 149 | Niterói – RJ, 24230-051. Telephone: (21) 3602-1070.


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