Confectionery ingredients: everything you need at home!

Confectionery ingredients: everything you need at home!

Every good confectioner needs to have a range of special ingredients at home – from flour to vanilla extract. After all, preparing cakes, cookies, creams, macarons and pastries requires a series of products that are not always those consumed in our daily lives.
Therefore, we list all confectionery ingredients that cannot be missed! Whether you are an amateur or professional confectioner, they will all be necessary for the preparation of various delicacies. Separate the shopping list and write down everything you don’t have yet ?


Confectionery ingredients: everything you need at home!

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The basis for countless preparations in the confectionery universe, flour is that ingredient that every home has. It serves to make cakes, breads, cookies, pie doughs… there are countless recipes that need the ingredient to exist.
Here, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to use wheat flour all the time! There are other types of flour, like that of almonds and rice, which are great substitutes. See how simple it is to do gluten free recipes?


Even if you’re not the biggest fan of super chocolaty recipes, cocoa and chocolate powder can’t be left out of your closet! For less sweet recipes with a more intense chocolate flavor, bet on cocoa powder. Now, if you want a smoother result, it’s time for chocolate powder.
Chocolate also falls into this category, but don’t forget that this option already contains sugar. When using any preparation, always be careful to dose the sugar! And if you want to better understand the difference between these three ingredients, Press here.


Yeast is definitely one of the most powerful ingredients in confectionery! To grow cakes, the chemical baking powder is our greatest ally. But, if you are used to preparing denser doughs, such as breads or donuts, it is biological yeast that cannot be left out of the game.
When in doubt, always try to have both options at home! As the
fresh biological yeast has a shorter shelf life, you can choose to have only the dry version at home. Both provide the same effect, but always keep in mind that dry yeast is three times stronger than fresh yeast.


Refined, crystal, confectioner’s sugar, impalpable, demerara, brown… What is not lacking in the market are sugar options, not counting honey and glucose. You don’t necessarily need to have everyone at home, so take a look at the recipes you usually make and try to buy the ones that repeat the most.
Impalpable and confectionery, for example, are often less used, but can be extremely useful depending on the decor and coverage you want to give your candy.


Yes the salt it is also part of every confectioner’s pantry! Although it seems somewhat eccentric to be on a list that talks about sweets, the ingredient is one of the main responsible for highlighting the flavor of the desserts. Furthermore, it is perfect for preparations with salted caramel ❤️


Because it has a yeast-like action when it comes in contact with some acid, the sodium bicarbonate it is another cheap ingredient that every confectioner needs to keep.
It can work together with the yeast, making the dough even more fluffy and aerated, or even replace the ingredient for cakes that don’t need to grow too much. Who already knew this tip?


Confectionery ingredients: everything you need at home!

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In addition to the powder version, chocolate bars or drops are the best friend of every confectioner. The interesting thing is to have a little bit of each variety: milk, semi-bitter, bitter, white and maybe even ruby.
They serve for fillings of various sweets and also work as toppings, from the most classic, such as ganache, to modern ones, as is the case with glazing. Not to mention the traditional bonbons! For those who are curious, here on the site we have already made a complete post with
everything you need to know about chocolate. To learn more about the ingredient, just go there lá


Virtually every house has a bowl of eggs in the fridge, so this is hardly an ingredient that we usually forget. Still, it never hurts to give that reminder! Before making any recipe, always check the amount of eggs you will need and make sure you have enough. That way, you avoid rushing to the market to buy the ingredient!
TIP: if you are vegan or allergic to eggs, we created a post with several substitutions for each type of recipe. Thus, you understand what the egg does in them and how to replace them in the best way. To read, just click here.


Butter, margarine, oils, oils, lard … any type of fat is welcome in the world of confectionery. Some recipes ask for a specific type of fat, so never stop searching if the preparation allows this type of substitution. We explain the difference between each of the fats in another post – be sure to read if you have questions about them! We explain the composition of each type and the importance of fats in recipes nas


Whether of animal origin or vegetable, milk is an essential ingredient in confectionery. Depending on how it is used, it has several functions, from emulsifier to softness and moisture. Do you know that fluffy cake you love? Thank the milk for its existence!
Because it always has a mild flavor, milk is ideal for adding texture to recipes without affecting the final flavor too much. That is why it is so used and almost always appears on the list of dessert ingredients.


How not to talk about him, our beloved condensed milk? Everyone already knows the ingredient and knows its importance for very indulgent recipes, so let’s not go too far when talking about it.
Mainly used for fillings, toppings, syrups and sweets, condensed milk today works almost as the basis of Brazilian confectionery. And what a privilege it is for us to have a product so tasty and so present in our sweets, isn’t it?


Like condensed milk, sour cream is another ingredient that is always present in pies, pies or fillings and cake topping. At home, we tend to have more canned or boxed cream. However, the fresh cream version is essential for more creamy preparations that ask for whipped cream. In this recipe for chocolate mousse, for example, he and nutella are the only ingredients necessary for a super yummy candy ?


THE vanilla accompanies almost every preparation that takes egg. After all, in addition to neutralizing the flavor of the ingredient, it also makes the dessert more aromatic and fragrant. Always try to give preference to vanilla extract, since its flavor is softer and not artificial. But, if your pocket only allows vanilla essence, dose carefully! After all, the flavor is more concentrated and stronger.


What would become of some desserts like the black forest cake or a cameo roll without fruits and oilseeds? Even though they are not essential confectionery items, they are products that always make a difference when used. Therefore, always make a list with the seasonal fruits to have at home and the oilseeds that can’t be missing: nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, almonds and macadamias are the main ones.


Confectionery ingredients: everything you need at home!


How to make desserts beautiful and full of charm without a collection of confectionery? Sprinkles, sparklers, chocolate balls, mini hearts… And many, many colors! It’s the little details that make the difference in the decor, so investing in confectionery is always important ?


THE american folder it is one of the most popular topping alternatives for those who want themed cakes, despite not being so tasty. After all, it can be molded in different formats and dyed in different colors, making decorating the dessert more fun.
Handling this ingredient perfectly requires some technique and care, but nothing that good hours or days practicing does not solve! It may seem like a seven-headed bug to anyone who is entering the world of confectionery now, but we swear it isn’t!


And since we talk about dyeing, we could not fail to mention the food coloring. In addition to giving tone to the American paste, it also works with cake doughs, crepes, pies and toppings, such as butter cream and whipped cream. Having the primary colors (yellow, red and blue) you can create several other subtones! But, if you want, you can also buy a dye for each color.
If you want to know which utensils you also need at home to make confection accurately, just
click here! And be sure to send this post to someone who also loves to prepare sweets ?

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