Some people have asked me where I buy my confectionery and what are the best brands, but Wendryo Machado asked me to make a post about confectionery. I confess that I was thinking about what I could say about confectionery. I never stopped to think about them, especially making confectionery here in France, where they don’t have that habit of using confectionery, which is much more American.
However, when I went to look at my kitchen cupboard, I came across no less than 8 cans of confectionery. Of these, 4 were divided into 4 parts and had 4 different confections each. So I thought “I think I’m also a little neurotic with this confectionery thing” and decided to do the post.
When I was in Brazil, I always bought Mil Cores’ confectionery, which must be one of the cheapest and easiest to find. In Chocolândia, Barra Doce or in supermarkets like Pão de Açúcar and Santa Luzia there are always Mil Cores confectionery, which also has a colorful sugar line that I really like to make cakepop, lollipops and whatever comes to mind.
I also used to buy some cans (a little expensive) that sell at Santa Luzia and that are divided into 4 parts. They come with 4 different types of confectionery and are very cute. In fact there was one of yellow and pink stars, very clear, which I loved.
Now that I’m living here in Paris, I end up buying several confections at G. Detou, mainly big and golden ones that I think are beautiful for bigger cakes. In supermarkets like Monoprix, Franprix and Carrefour there is also a very common brand that has a confection of colored balls and one of chocolate sticks, like the one we use in our brigadeiros.
But the confections that I love, and always use, are the ones from ScrapCooking, they are beautiful to die for and you will always find very different shapes and colors. They come in pots divided into 4 parts and each part with a different confection. I found these at a kitchen products store in Parly2, called Du Bruit dans la Cuisine, but I think there must be stores in Mora or kitchen boutiques around Paris. The secret is, whenever you stop by such a store and find any of these confectionery, buy it, even without knowing when you will use it. One hour you look at him and he looks at you and you end up discovering that it is the right time and time for him to enter that delicious new cupcake that you are going to make for your best friend’s birthday! ; D
confectionery 6

ScrapCooking Confectionery

Ahhh .. I can’t forget the homemade confections made by Un Dimanche a Paris, which are very chic, but have a short validity, as they are more natural.
confiture 5

Confectionery and culinary powder for coloring in stores: Un Dimanche a Paris and G. Detou.

Now, I would like to remind you that it is not the confectionery that makes your candy. What makes your candy is what you do with your candy. The way you use it to decorate what you need, the delicacy and the thought used on top of what you are doing. I would like to leave the Bakerella website here, where you can find millions of ways on how to use the confectionery in cupcakes, cakepops and various sweets in the most creative way possible and often with the simplest and cheapest confections that exist. I’ve seen Bakerella even use those acid gummies, which we buy at a shooping kiosk, in very unusual ways.
Well, but if you still want extremely different confectionery, I always recommend a good search on Amazon or on Wilton’s website. I’m sure they’ll find something there.
[youtube]tqID_-Be9Og? list = PL7biWkm0dNqb01Efz2Q_hqyiBfR_vCxIT[/youtube]

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