Consequences of Alcohol Consumption Is Drinking a Glass of Wine a Day Really Healthy? This study proves the opposite

Consequences of Alcohol Consumption Is Drinking a Glass of Wine a Day Really Healthy?  This study proves the opposite

A glass of wine or a beer in the evening – many treat themselves to that. It can’t be that tragic, can it? An international study has now confirmed the opposite: Even a small amount of alcohol can shorten your life.

It is already well known that alcohol in large quantities is harmful and that it is addictive when consumed intensively. Now, however, a study carried out by international scientists and published in the specialist journal “The Lancet” shows that the previous guidelines for daily alcohol consumption should be reconsidered.

According to the guideline, drinking that much alcohol is allowed

According to the German Society for Nutrition lies the guideline value in Germany regarding the weekly consumption of pure alcohol is 140 grams for men and 70 grams for women. These guide values ​​differ from country to country. In the US it is 196 grams for men and 98 grams for women. In Canada, Italy, Spain and Portugal, the guideline values ​​per week for men are also over 100 grams.

Study confirms: drinking wine is not healthy

For the current study, the researchers examined 83 scientific studies from 19 countries. The drinking behavior of around 600,000 test subjects was analyzed for a whole year. There wasn’t anyone among them who didn’t drink alcohol at all. In this analysis, important factors such as gender, age, nicotine consumption or diabetes diseases were taken into account, as they are associated with cardiovascular disorders.

The scientists came to the conclusion that drinking more than 100 grams of pure alcohol per week is harmful to health, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces life expectancy. 100 grams of pure alcohol corresponds to about 5 ½ glasses of wine or 2.5 liters of beer.

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New study shows: alcohol consumption and cancer are related

Alcohol consumption is unhealthy, everyone knows that. But that seven types of cancer are favored by alcohol is rather unknown. A new study sheds light on this.

Drink alcohol healthy? Misconceptions refuted by study

So far it has always been said that drinking a glass of wine in the evening is healthy. But this myth is refuted by this international study. Drinking alcohol regularly is bad for your health. Alcohol above 100 grams per week shortens the life expectancy of women and men. Cardiovascular disease, stroke risks, high blood pressure and aortic aneurysms are the consequences of years of drinking alcohol.

Due to these dangers and the new research results, it would be worth considering lowering the guideline values ​​for drinking alcohol and drinking one or the other glass less wine from time to time.

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