Contact role in decoration

Contact role in decoration

How about renovating the house while spending little? Contact paper is a great solution! You can find a multitude of them at stationers or even in supermarkets. I find the printed papers very funny, but you can also cut a plain and paste it on the furniture and walls the way you prefer!
Here’s a tip: when you decide to renovate a piece of furniture or a wall using the contact, be sure to check if the surface is very smooth. If not, it is better to sand first. You also need to be aware of the bubbles when pasting – just hold a tissue (cleaning cloth or even a sock) in hand and iron it right after you paste to remove them.
Well, how about checking out some photos and getting inspired?



Photo 1 – Apartment Therapy / Photo 2 – Oh Deedoh

Kitchen cabinets can get a new look with smooth contacts. Just cut the paper with a little leftover, remove the handles and glue! The same can be done on bedside tables. I think the prints with a very clear wood are beautiful! The handles were barely noticeable in that last photo, right? And the print is amazing!

Home Appliances


Photo 1 – Apartment Therapy / Photo 2 – Tia Peaches

Remember I talked about cutting the paper and pasting it the way you prefer? This first photo shows just that! Cutting black paper into strips or balls already makes the washing machine much more fun and fun. And the fridge was much happier with the paper all printed and colored!



Photo 1 – Apartment therapy 2 / Photo 2 – Urban Out Fitters

Here the contact functions as a wallpaper. It looks great on the bottom of a bookshelf like the first image. Once again, the cutouts make everything more fun – the triangles scattered without a pattern make the atmosphere much more modern and relaxed!



Photo 1 – Forrent / Photo 2 – Mama Mia

I fell in love with the print on the first photo. Even if the objects are colored here – which makes the furniture look younger – the paper would fit very well in a more chic and formal environment just by changing the accessories on the shelf. And in the second photo, the dull ceiling fan became much cuter and became a decorative object.

Ready to run to the nearest stationery store and renovate your home?

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