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At the time of writing, I am in the metro. But where to go? If you’re from Paris and you know the RATP network like the back of your hand, you might be able to guess. Are you up to the challenge? Very well, I take line 6 to Pasteur and then take the 12 and stop at Porte de Versailles. So have you find it ? If you thought of the Paris Fair, you won. This is where I am going today. I have an appointment at 10:30 am for a first Leroy Merlin workshop during which I will strengthen my knowledge of painting. Then, I will have the right to a do-it-yourself workshop at 1:00 p.m. to make a wall soliflore. A day that promises to be very busy!

Are you wondering why I am talking to you about this? Well it’s very simple. This is because you too can participate in these workshops! You just need to register for free online just here. So as far as you know what to expect. Okay, I’ll leave you: I’ve just arrived. I am therefore putting the writing of this article on hold, so as not to get lost.

Leroy Merlin’s challenge: 12 days to build a house

I was lucky. From the moment I walked through the doors of the Parc des Expositions in Paris, everything went well. I was not in the wrong place and I did not get lost: a miracle. I arrived in just 5 minutes, watch in hand, at the Leroy Merlin location: Pavilion 7.2, Location K151. So I was even early. A feat.

After a little coffee and checking in to confirm my presence, I was able to focus a little more on the work that the teams did on site. And above all, I was able to learn about the famous house that will be built in just 12 days.

Indeed, the brand offers visitors to participate in the development, life-size, of a house of 100m2. Which is a first! Thanks to the courses and to each Leroy Merlin workshop, everyone can therefore participate in this co-constructed real-time worksite. But don’t panic: you are not let go with a drill. You are accompanied, as I have been, by professionals.

leroy merlin workshop 12 days 1 house minimalist bathroom

Painter’s tips: my first Leroy Merlin workshop at the Paris Fair

I was greeted at 10:30 am as expected by a painting professional. After he gave all the participants protective gloves, he kindly asked us if there were any special things we wanted to know. For me, he had already started his course well. Because often, the experts forget that they do not have great connoisseurs in front of them (believe my experience).

We all agreed that we were novices. We especially wanted to acquire the basics and why not, take advantage of the time we had to ask more specific questions as the course progressed.

For 1 hour, which I really did not see past, the painter made us real little learners. He was even quite proud of us at the end, well I think. Because none of us had put paint everywhere! And yes, these are interactive lessons. What are you thinking? That I was going to sit in a chair and listen to someone talk? You don’t learn to ride a bike by reading books. Well for painting it’s the same.

Of course, you have to listen to the advice of the experts, but you also have to put your hands in the dough to contribute to the operation 12 days 1 home.

workshop leroy merlin diy 12 days 1 house

A pretty DIY wall vase to take home

Well, this is not to contribute to the 12 days 1 house challenge, it is for my home. After having lunch and taking a little tour to see the exhibitors, I returned to Leroy Merlin for a Make-It workshop. I signed up to make a wall vase.

leroy merlin workshop 12 days 1 DIY house soliflore wall mirror

Discover the tutorial:

Contest 12 days 1 house

If we are offered to participate in a Leroy Merlin workshop to contribute to the challenge of the eco house built in 12 days, it is also possible, for the lucky ones to earn enough to renovate their own interior. And there, it’s up to you.

The contest takes place on Instagram and Twitter.

Try to win 4,000 euros in Leroy Merlin voucher by taking a photo of the room you would like to renovate and then post it on Twitter and / or Instagram with the hashtag #12days1house !

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