Contour for each face

Contour for each face

The contour technique is already well known – Kim Kardashian forgive me! This is a great option for those looking to refine the face, the nose, illuminate the right points … Makeup helps to shape the face and you can transform yourself!
If you’re part of the team that hasn’t risked yet, how about learning the right contour for your face shape? I selected the 5 most common face types and the ideal contour for each one.
The darkest part is the bronzer or a darker base. The lightest points are illuminating and corrective (a little lighter than your skin tone). Finally, pink represents blush – but it can be any shade.
After shaping and marking the face with the products, just mix everything. The best option is to use a sponge, like the ones I separated below:

  1. Belliz sponge at Netfarma | R $ 20.79
  2. Macrilan sponge at ShopBela | R $ 11.90
  3. Klass Vough Sponge at Nikkey Cosmetics | R $ 27.00

Ready to test the technique?

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