Contour Products
Contour products

Contour Products

It doesn’t matter, as much as I forget to make the famous contour in my daily life I confess that I love it. Nothing better than doing a makeup that we love with passion in those days that our self-esteem is not there, right?

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The contour helps me a lot in those hours. In addition, making a well-made and marked skin is an excellent option for a more formal event at night, right? The skin is super bright and well marked, helping to refine those parts that we want to hide from time to time.
For the effect to be more natural, I prefer to use powdered products since we can store it more easily when we overdo it. I use the brush a lot for this type of blush, highlighter and bronzer. However, when I want a very glam and marked effect, the creamy products are perfect – I use a sponge to spread and the finish is amazing. For weddings, graduations and formal events I always choose the second option ?

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