Controversial thesis Professor judges: PMS does not exist at all

Controversial thesis Professor judges: PMS does not exist at all

For many women, mood swings and hormonal outbursts are the starting signal for menstrual bleeding or signs that they are already in the middle of it. One professor, however, considers this to be a myth and reveals her view of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) on a podcast.

Hormones have a particularly strong influence on us during and before menstruation. No matter if skin problems, excruciating pain or mood swings – many women suffer from symptoms. Jane Ussher, a professor of women’s health psychology at Western Sydney University, does not see these symptoms in connection with menstruation and considers it all a myth.

Is premenstrual syndrome (PMS) pure egg formation?

Premenstrual syndrome – also known as PMS – refers to symptoms such as mood swings, headaches and abdominal pain or oily hair, which are particularly difficult for women in the days before their period. In some countries, PMS is recognized as a disease. The Australian professor Jane Ussher, however, considers all of this to be a myth that was spread to the western world through stories from Great Britain and America almost a hundred years ago. We expect women to be hysterical, angry or aggressive, whereupon they behave irritably and angry and then blame it on their bodies “, says the professor. On the English podcast” Clue Hormonal “, which shares weekly about similar topics Scientists, doctors or experts are spoken to, the psychologist shares her opinion: According to Jane Ussher, all women suffer from emotional stress during their entire cycle When the going gets tough, the anger can Period rather than blaming the partner or colleagues at work.

You can use this method to delay your menopause.

Menopausal woman

Thanks to this method, you can delay your menopause

On average, women begin menopause around the age of 51. However, there is a large variance in the age of entry into menopause. Menopause can also be postponed.

The idea that women have hormonal or even psychological disorders due to menstruation first appeared in Great Britain and the USA in 1931, according to Ussher, and had little impact on the rest of the world. She also thinks that PMS is more common in the western worldview. It’s a culture-bound syndrome because it’s a way of putting all the anger on the body“. The professor thinks that women suffer from outbursts of anger and mood swings throughout the cycle. According to Ussher, the most common feature of premenstrual syndrome in a survey was the argument with partner or children, but not physical symptoms.

These are the food trends of the holiday season


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I would say it’s more about what’s going on between the woman and her partner than it is about the cycle“She also suggests that women who are in a harmonious relationship are less likely to experience PMS than those in a disagreeable relationship. However, it can be useful to make the partner more supportive during the period.

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