Cookie cutters

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After the smell of baking cookies, the best part of this therapy is to cut them into beautiful shapes. Then it depends on your mood and the day to choose if the crunchies are going to be bunnies, hearts, flowers, stars … One of these days I bought clover cutters and anchor at Casa do Confeiteiro here in Curitiba, then I got inspired to make these fortune cookies here .
Besides, it’s so nice to look for these references! Take a look at these formats, what a love:
ickfd2 cookie cutters
ickfd1 cookie cutters
I found these Tramontina cutter sets super affordable and the good thing is that each one comes with 3 different sizes. You can make a very special box of cookies!
And this pine tree you already save for Christmas, which will be knocking on the door shortly pouco
ickfd cookie cutters
Flower cutters
Cupcake cutters
Heart cutters
Pine cutter
Liked? Here you can access many cookie recipes and, with your cutters in hand, just go for the fun.
photos: Sandra Kavital, Ania, Fi-end

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