Cookies that melt in the soul

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cookie is that wonderful cookie with chocolate Drops, Strawberry, fillings wonderful that melt in your mouth. And for me everything that melts in my mouth deserves attention and my stomach! ; D
This candy is always easy and practical! Perfect for making and eating during a movie on Netflix!
That Sunday of laziness and malemolence asks for chocolate! Ever wonder Nutella cookies? Tchã-ran!
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This recipe is for those chocoholics admitted and who love the chocolates of Hershey’s! Confectionery and Hershey’s Cookies are to be enjoyed whenever you hit that crazy urge to eat a chocolate!
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Bitter chocolate + Mini Marshmallows + Chocolate Drops = Happiness in the form of candy! The only calculation you are happy to do; Chocolate Cookies with Marshmallow Filling are the best cookies you will ever taste!
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Hummm, droplets of white chocolate with strawberry flavor! Now your Evening tea will be much tastier and more sweet with the Macadamia Cookies and Strawberry Drops ; D
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Light recipe created for any occasion are the Cookies after Fifteen! There’s no mistake! Want a sweetie that melt in your mouth and in the soul? I guarantee that this recite will be unforgettable!
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The end of the afternoon brings that nice little chill and you feel like taking a hot tea? How about replacing with Masala Chai cookies? This exchange will be one of the best you will ever make!
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