Cooking coffee correctly Almost everyone makes this mistake when making coffee

Cooking coffee correctly Almost everyone makes this mistake when making coffee

Making coffee sounds easy – but the devil is always in the details! You have certainly already made this mistake.

Making coffee is a wonderful activity just because of the wonderful smell. If you brew the powder fresh, the smell rises seductively into your nose and makes you want a cup of hot, steaming coffee. You might think that making coffee is not a great art. But this everyday chore doesn’t seem to be that simple, because many people make the same mistake every day.

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Have you often wondered why the coffee filter bag is a bit too big for the filter insert? When you put it in, the filter bag wiggles back and forth slightly. Just as if it were a size too big. If that’s the case for you, you probably don’t know the secret of the coffee filter bag fold.

The fold on the coffee filter bag can be bent over

If you want to make coffee properly from now on, then take a look at the edge around the filter bag. There is a fold there, which is usually pressed together with a small pattern of grooves. And this fold is there to be folded. If you bend the edge and then put the coffee filter bag into the filter insert, you will find that both now fit together perfectly. Voil√°, nothing wobbles anymore! The best prerequisite for a full-bodied coffee aroma.

So next time you’re making coffee, remember: First fold the crease of the coffee filter bag, then brew. This edge also has an important function. Because this means that the filter sits really well on the machine, which gives it stability. This will make it much easier to remove the used filter bag after brewing. And that’s the real purpose: user-friendliness!

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For all coffee freaks
New study shows: coffee is healthy for us!

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Making coffee the right way: four unbeatable tips

In addition to the trick with the fold on the coffee filter, there are a few other tips that you can use to make coffee. By the way, experts advise brewing the drink by hand. According to experts, the quality of manually brewed coffee is superior to that of machine coffee. So get yourself a simple filter element and follow these four tricks:

1. Water temperature

Boiling water is too hot, it quickly turns the coffee bitter. The ideal temperature is 92 to 96 degrees Celsius. Too cold is also bad. If the water temperature is below 85 degrees Celsius, the drink becomes watery to sour.

2. Freshly ground

Before making the coffee, grind the beans fresh. This also supports the full-bodied aroma. The drink tastes best if the beans were roasted not too long ago.

3. The degree of grinding

The degree of grind you choose is also decisive for the taste. The hotter the water and the longer the preparation time, the coarser you should grind the beans. Conversely: the finer the grind, the shorter the optimal time to prepare coffee.

4. The right dose

If you want to make coffee properly, the dosage has to be right. Coffee experts recommend a ratio of 60 to 65 grams of coffee per liter of water. This corresponds to a coffee-water ratio of about 1:15. It is best to use kitchen scales or fine scales to prepare coffee.

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