COOKING FOR FRIENDS with Brastemp and Finish

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Receiving friends and family at home is the most delicious thing in the world. Being able to serve them with the food you made yourself is even better. Every mouthful that a person gives in that risotto, every mouthful in that favorite dessert that their eyes go up to, their hearts beat faster and everything is more beautiful and happy.
I love welcoming my friends home. Make a good dinner with appetizer, main course, dessert and even mini sweets for coffee. Spend good hours sharing moments, ideas and of course, good food.
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For those who live a long time away from their hometown, friends become our family and meeting with them is all I need to feel at home.
Better still with a gift from Brastemp and Finish, a dishwasher where everyone’s mess fits, and that lets me spend even more time with them, without thinking that I have dishes to wash. I put all the dishes and pots there and there, I have more free time to have fun and make small talk.
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