Cool Bathroom Detail: Towel Holder

Cool Bathroom Detail: Towel Holder

This post is for those who think you can’t get out of sameness in the decor without putting on a different coating or very expensive pieces. Turns and moves we hear someone saying that they will not invest in decoration because the apartment or office is rented, but let’s agree that no one deserves to be in a cold and characterless environment for years?
Decorative objects such as pillows, ornaments, carpets and even curtains are excellent allies to transform the space with little, making it more welcoming. However, when it comes to the bathroom the subject is more complicated. Because they are small environments and usually with few items, it is really difficult to find creative solutions to get out of the obvious.

Cool Bathroom Detail: Towel Holder

Photo: Living on a Budget

The towel holder (even if it’s just a face) is one of those mandatory items in any bathroom, so why not bet on a different piece to escape the commonplace? I made a selection with 10 inspiring ideas and I hope they help you to think outside the box!


Hooks with unusual materials and mixing textures are always great options to enhance the wall! The round models are my favorites, because they perfectly accommodate one piece at a time and avoid that accumulation of towels in the bathroom.
Now, if you are more of the rustic style and love a DIY, how about a rope hook? The effect looks amazing ?


Cool Bathroom Detail: Towel Holder

Photos: Sarah Sherman Samuel and Planète Déco

Unlike individual hooks, the stairs fixed to the floor and wall are perfect for houses with more people, after all, the piece accommodates several towels at once.
It is a practical and charming solution when compared to the classic metal supports fixed to the wall, right?


I love hanging pieces in smaller environments because the floor is free, which facilitates circulation! In addition, a support attached to the ceiling is somewhat unusual and definitely impacts the decor.


The horizontal bars are true classic supports, but have you ever thought about fixing them in a different way? Leather hooks are super charming alternatives! In addition, this support can be multifunctional and accompany almost the entire length of one of the bathroom walls.
Use metal hooks to hang other pieces or even small baskets that accommodate the offal!
These were the pieces that caught my attention the most, but there is still a world of possibilities for more basic hooks, classic metallic supports and, of course, coat racks!
So, have you chosen your favorite model?

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