Cool leather sofa

Cool leather sofa

When we talk about leather sofa we usually think of a heavier and more traditional decoration, don’t we? I confess that I always had a back seat with very heavy pieces, but looking at some references in the last days I discovered that there are dozens of modern and light alternatives to bring a more classic sofa to the room!

Photos – @newdarlings

The best thing for those who want a leather sofa in a cool environment is to think about color. The brown sofas are ideas to make the decor all more neutral and light, especially the lighter tones.
Pillows, blankets and accessories also make the biggest difference. By placing more printed pieces and other furniture from natural materials such as a table or armchair with wood, the decoration is more to relax and cool.

Photos – Everything Elze | Honestly WTF | @cosi_home | A beautiful mess | Domino | Western elm | Designed with Carla Aston | Glitter Guide

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