Cool touch: bar cart

Cool touch: bar cart

Having a special corner at home to make good drinks for friends or even prepare a party is a great idea for those who enjoy a busier weekend ? The problem is that not everyone has plenty of space to make a bar, right? The solution is to invest in the charming Bar Cart, a super compact wheel model that can even be transformed into other furniture!

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In addition to not taking up much space, the strollers are super cute! You can paint it as you like and make some adjustments to make it easier to prepare drinks – some models even have room for your glasses.

Photos – Photos – Apartment Therapy | Glitter Guide, Pinterest | SF girl by Bay | Glitter Guide | The office stylist | The Every Girl

And have you ever thought of using creativity and transforming your Bar Cart on a nightstand or on a side table? This piece of furniture is really very versatile and light – it works well in any environment and style of decoration.

Photos – Photos – Glitter Guide | Dash of Darling | Pink Peonies

I hope you fell in love with this piece as much as I and who knows, get excited to call the crowd more often at home and prepare super special drinks ?

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